Elva Hsiao's new boyfriend and her 17 year old Yan small value guards, why there are so many fresh whole remnant love her?!

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Elva Hsiao's new boyfriend and her 17 year old Yan small value guards, why there are so many fresh whole remnant love her?!

2017-10-27 11:18:36 881 ℃

Recently, Elva Hsiao has been exposed to new love again. See your message yesterday, today we grilled about sheep ~ (is not good for Kwame)

The last time she broke up, the sheep seemed to have just seen it, and now it was a new love in such a short time... The speed had to be convinced.

Come and go, the front is long, so tall and handsome, very seductive.

Well, there are more clear close-up photographs, say like Lu Yi, also said that as Hu Ge said, there are like Lin update. Anyway, it's really handsome ~!

Countless, this is Elva Hsiao's ten fresh meat boyfriend... Every time you look for a boyfriend, Yan can be so high, this is really a textbook level of love.

Some netizens have made a collection of Elva Hsiao's predecessors, and put them together, it is really very jealous.

Take a brief look at her brilliant history of love.

The first boyfriend to be exposed isjackyHe was also a Taiwan entertainer who met and loved each other in singing competition with Elva Hsiao. The competition is 1998, and the photo below is Zhu Fangang's recent photograph... You can imagine that Zhu Fangang should not be low value.

Members of B.A.D and 2003Alex Tian EnpeiOutgoing love, the media photographed Alex accompany Elva Hsiao's mother showings, but also visited Elva Hsiao's concerts many times. Alex looks a bit more gentle ~!

After a burst of red, there were a period of time and eighteen line actorsChris LungThe scandal has also been bubbling. It is said that the end of this affair was because of long Chen Han Elva Hsiao Angie Hou ended up cheating bestie, is also quite cold.

And then there's the handsome guy that everybody knowssunny.

It was Wang Yangming who fell in love with Elva Hsiao at first sight. It was probably the longest love affair that Elva Hsiao had ever maintained, from 2003 to 2006, and Elva Hsiao said that it has been remembered so far.

After breaking up, the empty window period, short and Taiwan Beer Basketball team membersAHave intercourse. But only lasted three months. Wilted.

In 2007, because he was 6 years younger than he was a model and actor in HongkongTom PriceCooperation MV, so the feelings, but also had a feeling, but eventually ended.

In 2008, he got to know the mixed blood Brazil male model because of MVLeandro. Two people were photographed hugging and kissing on the street, and they were very intimate at Vanness Wu's birthday party. But love hasn't lasted long enough

2009 and actorsLi WeiAnd even the news of two people living together. From the exposure of the group photo, the two people should be really good feelings.

In 2010, however, fresh meat was born again in 1988nickAmour. Two people were photographed in Japan dating, shopping, Nick Chou also freely access Elva Hsiao's home, love very bold.

It's not long before micro-blog is suspected to be public

ShizhengxiangThat is Vanness Wu's brother-in-law, is Singapore tens of billions of small. Not only money, but also yan.

Two people's daily life is show loving.

Watching them so affectionate, this thought that Elva Hsiao can really marry himself out, after more than a year later, the two people still announced the breakup.

After that, Michael, a 13 year old Chinese golfer, had a face that might have been a bit of a drag on her former boyfriend, but her figure was superb.

This year in April, Elva Hsiao sent micro-blog said two people broke up. There are some sheep have felt sorry for her, unexpectedly, a side and a new little meat. Suppose the meat was on the fourth grade, and Elva Hsiao was 17 years older than she was.

Onlookers see sheep down, many netizens are praised by her friends aesthetic good, admire admire at the same time, there are a lot of people have urged Elva Hsiao to share the book, "Liao Han" tips.

In the eyes of many dead oxygen, Elva Hsiao actually obviously tips: to make money, to become beautiful, high Eq. Elva Hsiao himself was born a rich two generations, his mother was the head of a listed company in Taiwan in the early years, the net worth of up to 1 billion NT (about 213 million yuan).

However, born at the finish line, but Elva Hsiao still insisted on their own talent to eat. At the age of 20, her debut album could sell hundreds of thousands of copies, and quickly became popular in the Asian pop music market.

According to the story, even if Elva Hsiao did not release the album, only relying on sideline, advertising and commercial performance, the annual income can be around 100 million.

And in the value of Yan, you also know that she has been very hard to continue to change the United states. Small eyes, wide eyes, distance has become the past ~!

She admitted to do a double fold, it turned later "magic eye queen". However, the dead oxygen feels that the inner canthus also has no small change, and the bridge of the nose has also become higher.

I used to feel empty face, because the facial features became compact and beautiful.

So far, the sheep think Elva Hsiao fine tune is very smart, very beautiful goddess.

However, her plastic beauty would be just as good as her boyfriend's aesthetic judgment. Unfortunately, she has fallen into a lot of misconceptions about plastic surgery. The mountain too high, almost become the sky nose.

The jaw is a bit too long, which makes the whole person seem to have a strong attack.

At the same time, due to excessive filling, resulting in stiff face, swollen face, smile often occur in her body.

Silkworm has been squeezed out by painting.

The mouth smiles, the skin does not smile.

Sometimes really can not bear to look into the mirror.

But she has been very dissatisfied with the outside world questioned her plastic surgery. A few days ago to see her live, live in her drink has been pushing the nose, cheeks, nose pinch pinch, and strive to have no plastic.

Even then, obviously, we can't convince netizens, after all, the obvious changes we all see in the eye. At the same time, in the live broadcast, the sheep found her mouth also swollen a lot, so guess she may go to the injection of toot lips, but injected too much...

Hsu Chi was regarded as a careless person.

Look at recent photos, the mouth is still not normal.

Now, with such a constantly swollen, stiff face, you can still harvest fresh meat, and it can also prove that she has high EQ in love.

Before she shared some tips from the master of love relationships, experience, single baby fast to learn ha.

The first is to share food with the favorite object, increase the heat of each other, but be restrained, let friends to help you, as long as they cooperate, cooperate again.

The second trick is to play games to play a warm, with his friends, and occasionally play with him, and to understand the personality, but the key is to lose, let the other side face.

The third measure is to ask my friends about going to the movies at my friend's house, it is best to choose a horror thriller, because if you have a crush on you, he will protect you watching horror movies.

In addition, Elva Hsiao has a good attitude when he is in love. Because most of the objects of love are insiders, so she will draw a very clear boundaries, love is male and female friends, once broken up, still can be good friends.

Typical example, she and Wang Yangming after breaking up is still a good friend, but after the breakup, the two can still come together, "Kangxi came", she also introduced Wang Yangming signed his company...

During the love affair with Ke Zhendong, he also trusted each other very much. When he talked about Ke Jie's cheating in the circle, Elva Hsiao firmly believed in his boyfriend in the face of the media.