From drama to acting, Hawick Lau is too fake, Rong Yang's aura, finally know why AB is black.

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From drama to acting, Hawick Lau is too fake, Rong Yang's aura, finally know why AB is black.

2017-10-27 11:40:45 790 ℃

Our domestic costume drama has three treasures: abortion, birth baby, jumping cliff.

We can not underestimate this Sambo, how reasonable to promote the main line in the feelings of men and women writers do not know when, you can directly make use of this three killer, then the main men will be feeling the rapid warming, usher in a small climax. And then the story of a bite of a pimple looks like a giant.

In this sample, was almost a cliff. When the story is not fill Nuwa big hole, and a major leap, let everything smoothly done or easily solved. For example: Xiao eleven Lang fall cliff, soak in the mud, the disease is good ~!

Do male and female owners want to develop quickly? Then jump together a cliff, not only will not die, there will be hermit master with martial arts secret book waiting for you, looking forward to a superb martial arts taught to you!

However, the rate of appearance of super important "jumping play" tend to be a drama......

The children played well, abortion also indifferent face AB in "reward" is not alone, and Zhong Hanliang became a jumping spin jump I don't close down down down

It is so difficult to play jumping play? In fact, the pot can not be thrown to the actors. Post slag, slag effects, slag crew are part of the responsibility.

For example: Joe Chen's version of Invincible Eastern.

Invincible Eastern leapt the actors can, can still have a lingering sense of violation. Because the people did not fall, feeling just shot down down down in the future

Show jumping is generally taken in tents, because of this trouble and save money. A green screen actors in the studio was leaping, sometimes even a king does not take up a little green man grabbed the actor feet, even if the cliff.

Without real scenes, all the acting depends on the imagination of the actors. This kind of non physical performance is the best test of actors acting, and in general, many actors are not acting.

Some actors imagination is actually very limited, after all, from this thing most people have never experienced, really want to show before the fall into the abyss of fear and inner complex emotions, facial expressions and movements are important.

Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin in different TV drama, with the same jumping performances, although the normal fall is such a thump, but acting so it looks like comedies.

Hawick Lau

Hawick Lau's problem is to add himself to the play. What he said in a cliff, he does not know yet that in the cast, feeling the next line is "the next step is to witness the miracle of the moment, the whole process just like clouds.

Rong Yang, Pu Bajia, Zhu Yilong

"Love for life" the crew chose real shooting, good effect.

Don't try to stimulate the imagination of the actors to pose direct acting roles, real feelings on the line. When people are in that particular environment, acting becomes natural.

Two actors have played a skeleton, feel full down down down

Finally, Rong Yang let go of the rope, do not need too much action, look well down here: Interpretation

It's not perfect, but it's good to have a sense of substitution.

Put aside props, late, the crew and other external factors, falling cliff play good or bad, the mood is really unreal, is to rely on the imagination of the actor. It's certainly wrong to be like Saro Saro, a little devil, just like knowing that labor doesn't die.

Many actors have limited imagination to improve their imagination, many foreign actors are also on the effects of live, jumping around in the shed. But why can you do real, natural without affectation, you can not do it?

Resolutely resist after watching, do not praise, do not care about rogue behavior! Ha ha ha, I am not your brother, my brother is!