A plate of cherry scare the masses of urine, Tian Jing background in the end how deep?

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A plate of cherry scare the masses of urine, Tian Jing background in the end how deep?

2017-10-28 22:50:38 569 ℃

Recently, some netizens found that Tian Jing had been speaking for the northwest cherry festival as early as 19 years old!

Don't look at the endorsement of the name sounds no features, even a little soil, but as the spokesperson, but in the absence of Tian Jing when he was in college, with the then Washington governor, and specially met her!

Some people might say, "what's this, not Oscar, and what does it mean?"

But you know, although it's not a Movie Festival Award, but by the governor's special interview, it has been very tall, okay?! What's more, at present, there are still a lot of people, and even treat foreign troupes award as international awards!

In fact, before the endorsement of the cherry festival, Tian Jing was already at the age of 18 from the debut EP, composer Zhang Yadong, lyricist Hebei Chuchen, MV is also the director of domestic outstanding director Hao Ning! You know, this configuration, but a lot of debut for a long time outstanding singers, no treatment ah!

Let's take another look at Tian Jing's other work experience:

19 years into the north after learning, 20 year old Zhao Wei and Liu Ye collaboration, TV drama "an epic of a woman" (writer Yan Geling, Zhang Yimou, director of many outstanding works is a remake of her novels, as Zhao Wei's daughter). 21 years old with Fengyi Zhang cooperation "grandson biography", playing the female number one. 22 years old and Peter Ho, "My Beauty boss" for the first time on the big screen.

After the 23 year old actor, director of cooperation is more and more big, from Zhou Runfa to Honglei Sun, even many actor actress to do a supporting role. But the box office is getting worse. The last is being labeled as "bad queen" name.