The years are the pig feed, they were the time, but now it is rough to see!

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The years are the pig feed, they were the time, but now it is rough to see!

2017-12-06 18:37:19 231 ℃

color value seems to be the entertainment threshold, many now rough man, in fact, is a flourishing beauty of the male god. For example, these.

if I don't say this old white Sha Yi, can you see it? Never lose rosy lips and pretty white teeth and small meat now. I want to know what the old white has gone through.

Dicky Cheung young is flourishing beauty, later to prove his acting shaved, a rough man.

Ma Tianyu's cherry empty release is simply the mark of the beauty boundary. Not only is it good, but the acting is also online.

"since 2017 from the army" to "big 2018" has been to true colour of a hero brown Chinese image, even life photos are bearded. Does Ma Tianyu feel that it has to be rough to prove his acting?

Louis Koo Young's picture. Fair skin, red lips, too beautiful!

this piece of beauty to clean face, who can expect to become bearded uncle? I heard that Louis Koo was also dissatisfied with his title of creamy creamy and tanned himself. I hope to prove the acting.

Wu Jing young is also a little meat ah, a beautiful, soulful eyes. Because even so pretty limited range.

, in order to prove himself, has become the hard man of today, Wu Jing.

, if those above are meant to prove that the acting skill is not dependent on face, the following ones are naturally old.

Huang Lei was a young man of literature and art when he was young. But now, it's turned into a fat, middle-aged uncle Huang Xiaochu. It is a feeling.

many people Tucao Nicky Wu face value is not good, not match Liu Shishi, but you look at the faces of young people. Nicky Wu was now Wu Yifan. This looks to heaven.

, but now it's really old.

Chen Kun's gold Yanxi, almost handsome into bone slag. Not only handsome, but also very bad temperament.

and today's Chen Kun, also with the first trace of the feminine. But the value of less than a year of flourishing Yan beauty.

Zhong Hanliang young is also pretty pleasant, looks like a girl.

and now old, there is also a cosmetic sequelae.

do you think these flourishing beauty of the male god, is not necessarily roughening to prove themselves.