Dou Wei's two daughter, 15, also came out, and once again lamented the strength of the gene.

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Dou Wei's two daughter, 15, also came out, and once again lamented the strength of the gene.

2017-12-07 00:27:52 267 ℃

Dou Wei's powerful gene has long been vividly embodied in Dou Jingtong. Perhaps the good genes are not waste, Dou Wei's two daughter, he and his second wife in the daughter of sinus Jiayuan (nicknamed "the small courtyard") also entered the music scene with new singer!

yesterday, sister Jiayuan sinus to share their debut single "magic" in micro-blog. It's worth mentioning that the lyrics of this song are filled by my sister. What's more, it's a Japanese song! It can be said to follow the pace of my sister, that is, not to sing the Chinese series.

two dimension and Japanese style full of Psychedelic feeling, and small courtyard show tone is very comfortable, which belongs to the type and not aggressive, said at the time of recording is small less than 15 years old...... In a word, you will exclaim the powerful genes of Dou Wei.

speaking of his father Dou Wei, he and Faye Wong after divorce cleanse the family, and the photographer plateau go together, two people in the small courtyard daughter in marriage, but for the life of the fuel often quarrel. After the birth of the children on the plateau, two people are basically in the state of separation. According to Dou Wei's original words, "eat not eat a piece of food, sleep not in a sleep." Finally the marriage came to an end.

the relationship between the two people after the divorce seems to be very rigid. From time to time, the plateau is tearing up Dou Wei on the Internet and not giving upbringing. But Dou Wei is really out of alimony, plateau open to about one million and then as "ungrateful" image, and he talked about a lot of records have made him bear settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, the pressure from all sides.

Dou Wei had spread over the events in Shanghai show the country called plateau, but later in an interview about this, he clarified that "I did not criticize the plateau, and is called Ding Wu!" At that time, the relationship between Ding Wu and the plateau was complicated. When it comes to plateau, talking about the child, Dou Wei constantly with "sinister lakes, Man's heart is incomprehensible. such words to describe his marriage. "I think the plateau is married to me, it's a revenge for Ding Wu, and the child is a plot by the man!"

ah, two people in a relationship. When they fell apart, friends at that time accepted the interview: "now the plateau has hidden their daughter. Dou Wei doesn't know which kindergarten she is in, and he really wants this child." As for the first daughter, Dou Jingtong, who was born with Faye Wong, his friend replied, "he also wants her (Maria Tung), but not the same. His little daughter has been raised for three years in a urine for a long time. His feelings are very deep, and the other one is taken away very little. There is no such a process. And this time it was the second time, and they (Faye Wong and the plateau) took his children away from him. "

you may think that as a father, Dou Wei failed. When he divorced Faye Wong, Dou Wei didn't do his father's duty to Dou Jingtong. Only the small courtyard was Dou Wei hand in hand. Dou Wei was a very impatient, but after a small courtyard, he learned to change diapers, a milk brand will understand, only to pick a child love to drink. In the days of taking away the small courtyard on the plateau, Dou Wei was restless, and when the small hospital came back, Dou Wei returned to live again.

Dou Wei became rich, put in the hands of all the money, in a small courtyard near the real estate bought two sets of two bedroom house, with a single element with a floor, two sets of door-to-door. A set of master is called Dou Jingtong, and the other is called Dou Jiayuan. He said in an interview: "as a father, we must leave something for them. When their daughter gets married, they will tell the other side that this is my father's dowry ready for me when I was little."

the parents of the emotional entanglements go with it, Maria Tung and the small courtyard two sisters are still free, suddenly the children grow up and start a father under the influence of music.

Dou Wei, who has been linked to music, has expressed no hope that Maria Tung will also take the road of music. "I didn't want her to be a singer. But painting and music should be more contact, which is helpful to the cultivation and quality of children. " I remember one story that after Dou Wei took the two children back, they were at home to hand in two daughters to paint. And the daughters also cherish the time with their fathers.