Killing his ex-wife, frequency marry old actor's wife, love can be more than a little meat

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Killing his ex-wife, frequency marry old actor's wife, love can be more than a little meat

2017-12-07 00:28:04 143 ℃

now small fresh meat, a bit of movement is magnified, netizens relish. But in the network is not well developed in the past, the so-called "old artists" romance is rich, but also continue to split. Someone was his ex-wife, someone put the wife had a sudden heart attack.

Tang Guoqiang filed, we usually think of the emperor, "Three Kingdoms" in Zhu Geliang's famous film and television image, and Tang Guoqiang was widely recognized as Chairman Mao's actor.

style= "text-align:" > Tang Guoqiang was born in Qingdao, Shandong, and entered the Bayi film studio in 1975. Tang Guoqiang has always appeared in front of the public with a positive and sunny image, and is very loving to his current wife. However, in 1990, Tang Guoqiang's ex-wife, Sun Tao, killed himself in his home and raised a great wave at the time, and once influenced his way of acting.

>" but in 1990 New Year's Eve, Sun Tao was in the parents' home in the bathroom with a rope and ended his life only 35 years old, leaving a nearly seven year old daughter. There are two claims about why Sun Tao committed suicide. One is Tang Guoqiang's derailment, the actress forced Sun Tao to divorce, and Sun Tao can not accept it. Two, Tang Guoqiang insists that Sun Tao has mental problems.

>" according to Sun Tao, the mother said, her daughter is a naive person, grew up in troops, schools and hospitals in the environment of growth, Tang Guoqiang is her first boyfriend. Since her daughter was with Tang Guoqiang, she was very good to him and was better than his parents. However, during the period of love, the two people had an emotional crisis due to their close relationship with Joan Chen, but the feelings of two people were stable after marriage.

" > Xu Yajun

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this year, as the public security minister Qi Tongwei "in the name of the people" again, let Xu Yajun a fire. In his early years, Xu Yajun became the idol of thousands of girls in the movie and TV series "looking for the back world", "wind and rain" and "Empty Mirror". This year, many people are also immersed in Xu Yajun's handsome appearance and superb acting skills. He doesn't know that he can be regarded as a complete "slag man". He has had four wives before and after.

Xu Yajun's first wife is Huang Jianping, both of them are the actors of China children's Art Theatre. Soon after marriage, Huang Jianping died of illness.

Xu Yajun's second wife, Zhang Xi, is an actress, born in an art family, her father is an actor, her mother is a dancer. Xu Yajun and Zhang Zhen had a very happy marriage at one time. But then Xu Yajun during the filming of "wind" blame derailed He Qing, also non-stop force