The actress was born without a uterus. She said her husband thought she was very special, but recently she was divorced.

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The actress was born without a uterus. She said her husband thought she was very special, but recently she was divorced.

2017-12-12 09:27:12 1651 ℃

37 year old Taiwan actress Xiao Xian (Huang Yuxian) divorced from 34 - year-old former star He Shouzheng!

it for the mainland audience, this is only "18 lines of Taiwan actor's story", but at the beginning of this year, Xiao Xian was publicly "born without their uterus, only the left ovary, can't get pregnant." like normal people Taiwan, shocked the entertainment.

and He Shouzheng is the only child in the family, in order to Ho family, Xiao Xian spent a whole year to find a surrogate mother, and went to the United States to take eggs two times, but because too nervous and age, without success.

how long is it? He Shouzheng and Xiao Xian were divorced, and it was reported that two people had dealt with separate matters about a month ago.

He Shouzheng is tall and handsome. He is the ex boyfriend of the famous singer Sherry. At that time, there were rumors that He Shouzheng had split his heart and split up with Sherry.

2007, He Shouzheng for the filming of advertising know Sherry, two people are 10 years dating for three years, because of age and fame with the income disparity has not been optimistic about the outside world.

during the second years of He Shouzheng and Sherry's interaction, he was seen with the midnight star of "starlight" air hostess Lin Peiyao. In 2010, he was also photographed to open his room with his ex girlfriend "cute". His relationship with Sherry officially ended.

Xiao Xian's dramas are few, but the netizens who watch Taiwan variety show should recognize her. She is very regular in body and appearance. It's a frequent visitor of Kangxi, who has been in love with Tuo Zongkang, the host of Guoguang help for many years.

in 2010, she also participated in Jerry Yan and starring TV play "want to depend on you", play the role of female two, that frugal sister.

Xiao Xian and he Shou were registered in the US in December 2012. They were divorced on the eve of marriage 5th anniversary. After

divorce news came out, Xiao Xian replied to reporters by text message: "I have to hold back tears. I don't respond at the moment, I may ask you to ask Mr. He."

for divorce, he said: "you should have to, that is." Direct recognition of divorce.

for divorce is not caused by law? He Shouzheng laughed bitterly: "you're going to guess!" Denied due to the pressure on the family line, as if there is a new object? He paused, replied: "about to speak, but saying nothing."

the direction of Taiwan media is also very clear. The title is biased towards sympathy for the weak Xiao Xian, suggesting that He Shouzheng two mother is happy about divorce. It is not known that

as for the fact.

Xiao Xian debut of showbiz career with vivid image, no masterpiece, but her straight edge is excellent, ex boyfriend are artists, called showbiz generator.

2002, she was 12 years old "Uncle" Tuo Zongkang love, two years after breaking up, and also had a compound during the period.

, Xiao Xian and OD hosted the FTV "variety big winner" wipe out the fire, together for 3 years, and many times, 2009 end, not long after OD and cucumber dry daughter Sami exchanges, also let Xiao Xian was stunned.

Xiao Xian and Male Artist Association, love road twists and turns are not good, ending, also let her dream of marriage again later than her mistress and his old star basketball player He Shouzheng together, finally coming into fruition.

two people are very affectionate. They got married in December 12, 2012 in the United States and took homophonic "love, love and love". And they were kissed every time after being married by paparazzi.

two people have no children after marriage. In February of this year, Xiao Xian received an exclusive interview, and revealed surprising news.

originally, Xiao Xian didn't come to see her doctor until she was 17 years old, but she was told that she had a birth canal and a cervix.