Luhan choose Guan Xiaotong to give up the real reason was Bachu rerba! Net friend: I don't know it.

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Luhan choose Guan Xiaotong to give up the real reason was Bachu rerba! Net friend: I don't know it.

2017-12-12 18:38:43 310 ℃

most popular king said fire small meat Luhan, believe the male artist is a lot of friends and fans are very familiar with it? Luhan as South Korea before the group members of EXO, the popularity among the players is very strong, until today to Chinese Luhan also welcomed the development as in the past, especially in the development after returning to Luhan's popularity is rising!

it is because when Luhan debuted in Korea, in order to have their own career lay a certain foundation, then at the time of EXO also has a certain popularity and visibility in home development is also as smooth development. It is because of factors related to this, Luhan also received a male guests invited to run as a fixed, want to know this opportunity for a couple just returned to Luhan is a good platform, but also in the running man luhan.

seen running man knows that Luhan in the third season running man was invited to the fixed guests, it is because Luhan joined the variety reality show has also been a ratings frenzy, has also maintained domestic ratings the influence of a variety show the highest.

but the most controversial and visible running male is still in the fifth season. Baby in the fifth quarter because of postpartum to run off, the male fire baby did not get back in time, Di Ali Gerba will also adopt the official final join; is all sorts of aspect and topics, Di Ali Gerba added more successful record ratings, especially since Luhan and Lireba di CP.

Luhan and Di Ali Gerba of the running man CP, believe that since the running man run is also the most controversial aspect of the a and! Luhan and Di Ali Gerba two people in the running man inside the heat, not for now Luhan and Guan Xiaotong's public affair, since two people since the composition of CP two has attracted many netizens and fans concerned, but why Luhan would choose Guan Xiaotong instead of Di Ali Gerba, the following small for you!

in Luhan announced that Guan Xiaotong's girlfriend at noon, micro-blog access to popular level but also make friends in a state of paralysis, everyone wants to know why Luhan is the choice of Guan Xiaotong instead of Di Ali Gerba Di Ali Gerba, after all, beauty is not lost to Guan Xiaotong the. But even without Di Ali Gerba, netizens also unexpected why Luhan would choose Guan Xiaotong, whether it is color value or reputation.

recently under questioning by reporters, Luhan finally also made a positive response, Luhan said that day: I think the girl is the most attractive place in the talent and talent, Guan Xiaotong not only long and beautiful, like a girl who not love. When users understand: do not look really do not know, the original love Luhan Guan Xiaotong because of her talent! But she than the flow of small artistes, Guan Xiaotong fire all because acting is more talent.

but now Luhan already in hand Guan Xiaotong. We should do is to bless the rest of the two of them, Di Ali Gerba believes that she can also find a better place, because Luhan has been disclosed with the Guan Xiaotong affair, the two of them will be passing each other and the people, apparently Di Ali Gerba also deserves better!

although the final Luhan did not and Di Ali Gerba two people together, but also thank them for running five men to bring us joy and laughter, but also hope that the two of them to be happy, even if it does not become a couple, but still I hope they can be happy! For Luhan ultimately chose Di Ali Gerba but Guan Xiaotong, what do you say to her?

if you are Luhan, you will choose Di Ali Gerba or Guan Xiaotong?

you think Luhan did not choose Di Ali Gerba what are the reasons?