Sheenah is pregnant after makeup Zhaomei to the guards, but accidentally let users guess the sex of the baby!

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Sheenah is pregnant after makeup Zhaomei to the guards, but accidentally let users guess the sex of the baby!

2017-12-14 00:30:00 156 ℃

Sheenah again sun shines, the topic of the instant capture of micro-blog hot search. Let's feel how beautiful Sheenah is after the pregnancy.

recently, Sheenah and micro-blog in the drying out of a makeup photos, pregnant mother bathed in the warm winter sun, the makeup of the skin is particularly good. Sheenah can't help boasting.

netizens saw Sheenah, who had not shown up for a long time, said excitedly in the comment area: "mother Na is so beautiful." Netizen silk fulsome in his praise.

and friends with the truth, since Sheenah is pregnant, then from the female man becomes a very gentle pregnant mother.

although Sheenah pushed away all the work after her pregnancy, it was in the home. But she is not only not fat but also more beautiful, and she is doing what she likes.

first, for the stability of the fetus, pregnant mother can only rest at home, in the home to receive friends visit, this is a good state. After

waited until the fetus was stable, Sheenah also began to attend some interactions, such as helping friends and Ka-ling sister's tide platform.

and call for their own tidal platform, a slim figure.

can be seen from the photos published after Sheenah's pregnancy. Sheenah, who is so tired on the stage, is really gentle. You know, Sheenah, who was on the stage, was like this.

, but Sheenah's eyes and smile began to turn into a cure, beginning with the first picture of the self portrait after her pregnancy.

in the shampoo at random, pregnant mother's condition is also particularly good.
when the mother of Sheenah after the hair, the other will think that Jeanne fucking cool, however wrong, exudes gentle light Sheenah, will only smile more allure.
and the obscure style of self, is also very beautiful. again a recent shoot again. Even if Sheenah wore a black tide cap, wore army green coat, it is very cool to dress up. But it could not resist the tenderness and beauty that she revealed in her eyes.

, even Carina Lau who had seen Sheenah himself, could not help saying that Sheenah's eyes were all gentle.

looks more beautiful, more and more gentle Sheenah. The net friend speculated that Sheenah should be a baby girl. As old saying, his daughter's mother will more beautiful!

plus, Sheenah's usual diet is more spicy, and also confirmed the "sour chili girl" the old saying. It seems that Sheenah is a woman with the possibility of more. again, usually thick line to Sheenah, to the belly of the baby, can the static under heart to make the small doll, is quite good. But this Kawai little doll, more suitable for the little princess.

, but it, whether Xie Nahuai is small Zhang Jie or little Sheenah, is the heart of the mother's heart, all is baby. We also look forward to the baby's healthy birth, waiting for the happy Sun Goddess to return to the stage.