A 17 year old girl lacks a father's love and marries a friend of a father of 40 years old and has a great change in life in 4 years.

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A 17 year old girl lacks a father's love and marries a friend of a father of 40 years old and has a great change in life in 4 years.

2017-12-14 09:26:14 221 ℃

Li Kuncheng is Taiwan famous musician, a collection of more than 20 thousand ancient Dong grade vinyl, and won the best documentary "40 times" the Golden Horse Award dance music director, Luo Dayou has worked with him. But the mainland people know that he is not because of his music, but he and his friend Lin Jingen's odd love daughter.

58 year old Taiwan well-known lyricist Li Kuncheng, is also half a person in the entertainment industry, Feng Feifei sang the song "baby", perhaps the one most people feel familiar with Li Kuncheng, this song is the word for the people. But it is more popular than this song that when Li Kuncheng was 57 years old, Lin Jingen, 17, was successful in his hand.

Li Kuncheng married, had 2 sons, the youngest son early this year as the eldest son of the war, nearly 40 years old, when his father can this "girlfriend" father, because of this, it has been discovered when ye sun love Li Zhuoxuan, the eldest son of furious had threatened to sever the relationship between father and son.

and now as the 17 year old Lin Jingen is the rebellious, the original father forest deep sleep daughter rebelled and ask Li Kuncheng to do her counseling and psychological dredge, who knows two people one to two to actually talked about love, Lin's father that after strong against it, but only by a frenzied counterattack of two people, in the media hype free love advocate.

Lin Fu can not accept this reality. How can her daughter be with Grandpa's older men? Think about all the scalp.

but the daughter doesn't know what it is. For the old man of this granddad, he smashed his bedroom. As the saying goes "brothers wife", the famous poet can do no more, his daughter away, so Lin Fu times and Li Kuncheng court. It's just that the daughter gets closer to this "good friend".

Lin Jingen for Li Kuncheng and his father fell out in 2013, when he wrote: "in the middle of the night, just now I will be home to the host computer through the age of eighteen, freedom and democracy, the start of the war. In November 16th this year also social media disclosure of the charges back father "pack of lies" propaganda more directly to the father: twenty years old, I will still continue to wait, wait for the day you for my identity. I want my father to call directly, not through the weekly king, and I don't know how it helps my two family.

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two per capita said "making a commitment", then after that father Lin Jingen was finally blocked, Lin Fu with obstruction of family Heyou crime "sued to court. Finally, the court sentenced "insufficient evidence to prosecute", Li Kuncheng wins the lawsuit. In November 15, 2016, two people registered for marriage.

Lin Jingen once said that he was living in the family when reduced to fragments of divorced parents, he followed his father life, often because of some trivial quarrel and Dad, dad was hit with a belt or chain slap, could not endure to her mother but my mother let myself back to Taichung and cut off the mother daughter relationship, emerge of itself and perish of itself, at the age of 13, under all the miserable life of negative emotions, sleeping pills Dutch act.

when it is least needed, the 40 year old Li Kuncheng appears. He felt the love that he had never seen before. She felt like a sweetheart. When he was unhappy, she could comfort her. She found the feeling of needing and being needed in him.

recently photographed friends Li Kuncheng and Lin Jingen at the Songshan Airport, Lin Jingen belly protruding obvious, like the signs of pregnancy, according to Li Kuncheng earlier told the media said: "I want to see your photos, just know what" Lin Jingen, this is probably really pregnant.

from the latest photos published by the media on the woman's abdomen, already elevated, a conservative estimate has been pregnant for three months, in the end is to be congratulated on her husband Li Kun to congratulate Lin Jingen or old but vigorous city, as a mother, it seems it's embarrassing, what is now the girls figure? Love? What is

although the Ye sun love has been suffered outside criticism, but also to the outside world is not optimistic, but the "Ye sun love" would seem determined to be "love in the end". Many netizens think that the woman is not mature enough and will be absolutely regretful in the future, you think she is