No more AB Ouyang Nana's acting skills! The 2017 movie queen Guan Xiaotong saved their life!

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No more AB Ouyang Nana's acting skills! The 2017 movie queen Guan Xiaotong saved their life!

2017-12-15 00:25:34 192 ℃

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recently micro-blog bloggers have counted the lowest drama of this year. Mark Guan Xiaotong starring "love" to the aurora, watercress score 2.2 points (currently up to 2.5 points, but the first position can not shake) won the top movie! And starring Huang Lei "late night dining room" won 2.8 points, ranked second, "ghost chuideng Makino" and "love a thing to just" tied for third, scoring 2.9. AB Zhong Hanliang's "reward" is not alone was only 3.1 points, ranked fifth. "Delicious romance" and "Si beauty" is also tied for sixth with 3.3 points.

is here to thank the actors and actors who have contributed to the most memorable performance of the year. In particular, Marco also made a one-time contribution to "the love of Aurora" and "the beauty of beauty" two.

and after watching these dramas, Xiao Zhang found that these dramas can be distinguished from many TV dramas by the following points. Keywords:

a story "

representative works:" an inspired passage "Aurora" love "Romance" delicious "Si beauty"

like "love" Aurora "delicious romance" this kind of list of idol drama, have a common point that the story old-fashioned idea. For example,

topped the table "Aurora" love, regardless of character set or plot, as various writers are Marie Su bridge section.

is the main musical genius 90 female actor, but because the mother failed business done and cinderella. But she is optimistic, the pursuit of dreams and independence, called Chu, my collection of deer.

male is billions of media group's successor, but money like dirt, want to get rid of the family power, single handedly, make a career.

and another starring Mao Xiaotong "delicious romance" in the story old-fashioned idea of poison. Not too much to eat the gourd people's slots. How does the

plot rot in the end? The encounter between

and the hero is bound to begin with a quarrel. "Delicious romance" in women with the male host a meeting to apologize.

added, "the aurora love" Guan Xiaotong and Marco meet is also the same way. The woman takes the man as a robber.

back to "delicious romance", playing all kinds of drowning woman trapped and, after the food poisoning routine, woman was blind! (do you think you are the crape myrtle ah) "/1ydzximg/0HvdEYRS3W"

said that if the idol drama with the idea that the routine is the biggest thunder, then the costume drama is by distorting history, crazy YY list.

, for example, "the beauty of beauty", starring Marco, uses the exaggerated plot of the plot, and has successfully set off the crusade of the historical clipper. The

man Qu Yuan was set up as a man with a weak body.

n, when the female slave falling, male healthy crowd, with a hand force hero! (simply violating human mechanics)

is weak to see the scene! Huh?

as incompatible with the general opinion of Chu, the white lotus man was angry.

was imprisoned, the male is chatter without stop in jail, Cursed King kill only know.

see the plot, I am afraid Qu Yuan's coffin board will not be able to cover it!

, in a word, in the costume drama, the most feared playwright brain cavity is too large, and all kinds of YY have no lower limit. While the fashion drama is most worried about the playwright's brain hole, it will only use the rotten old routine. Keywords:

two clothing tract shines

representative works: "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing" and "Si beauty"

if the TV drama is core, so clothing is the skin. On the list of TV dramas, the skin of this layer is also an eye opener.

take the "ghost chuideng Makino strange thing", although the tomb series of TV play a lot, but this drama is to become an independent school of clothing tract style, ruthless rejection of the other with the theme of the work on the list.

do you think Terracotta Army is the only one in the antique market? "To tell you the ghost blows: Makino thing", we have a Mickey Mouse with A Doraemon. The looking glasses in the

TV play are like this.

director worried that everyone's brain is not enough to direct the "golden umbrella" three words printed.

, in order to make the ghost city's gloomy picture, is also painstaking.

but it's really not Halloween Cosplay?

even terrifying horror Siamese people, the crew are surrounded with a cloth. (maybe the fund is tight enough that even the special effect teacher can't afford it?)

"/1ydzximg/0HvdEYTtCO" after all "ghost blows a thing" said Makino is the tomb of the story, clothing tract