As soon as he heard the name Chen Xiao gave to the child, he knew how happy Michelle Chen was!

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As soon as he heard the name Chen Xiao gave to the child, he knew how happy Michelle Chen was!

2017-12-15 00:25:46 445 ℃

Michelle Chen may not be able to get the audience's affirmation, but she is 100 percent in the eyes of this man. He is Chen Xiao, her husband. Chen Xiao's eyes couldn't hide her appreciation! The marriage of two people is loving as ever envy others.

maybe their wedding is not grand, but it is engraved on the heart, especially the unveil of wedding dress kiss is classic. It's really a kiss for a lot of girls! Chen Xiao's eyes were full of love on the day of the wedding.

the wedding when Chen Xiao could not help but repeatedly and Michelle Chen kiss, when there are so many single Bridesmaid spreading dog food.

most sweet or this fantastic head off the curtain affectionate kiss, the reality version of the idol drama plot, Chen Xiaotai will hold up!

on the day of the wedding scene, countless two people kissed many times. Chen Xiaoyou loved Michelle Chen much more clearly.

and married two babies born in December last year, a small child named little stars, but has not released the name!

until recently, we finally know what name Chen Xiao has taken for their son. Just listen to their name and know how much they love.

the name "Chen Muchen" is Chen Xiao's admiration for Michelle Chen. Besides, "harmony" also means harmony, intimacy and respect. I hope Chen can always be very harmonious. And "Chen" and "dawn" all have the meaning of "early morning", hope that the father and son can always accompany each other.

many netizens also found that the original name read or read backward is the same as Chen Xiao's love for Michelle Chen. This is the most beautiful way to marry love!

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