The new play is about to poke the screen out of the chin, and what time does Song Dandan's hard - to - be dry daughter come to stop her face...

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The new play is about to poke the screen out of the chin, and what time does Song Dandan's hard - to - be dry daughter come to stop her face...

2017-12-15 00:27:40 336 ℃

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as usual comes to play the guessing game of people: who is this?

Li Fei'Er? NONONO!

Fiona Sit? NONONO! The correct answer is Jiang Yan.

who is Jiang Yan? Song Dandan is a daughter.

is the official CP of Henry in her sister. Does

think about it? Recently, her new play, Zhang Ruoyun and Song Dandan, "Dear them," is on the sow, or a familiar mama with her daughter.

"Dear them" mainly tells the story of a group of old ladies who are living in the sunset, enjoying life on the side of life. It's a little similar to the Korean play "my dear friends".

dead oxygen watch a little bit, and now once romantic idol drama, the theme is still relatively new, with the strength to send the old actor's interpretation, feel close to life story.

, such as the old boudoir, gather together to talk about the constellations, the blood type, the red wine, and the daily Party of the party.

and the tedious experience of marriage, living with a partner at a different frequency and losing their self depressing.

and the contradiction between parents and children. In the

drama, Zhang Ruoyun plays He Anning, a painter with serious fear of marriage. Jiang Yan plays the role of he Ning's girlfriend Gu Jia. Two people are also very sweet in the play.

is a big dog food. I feel down Yixin immediately put a knife to.

is acting Jiang Yan fan embarrassed - all minow. With her boyfriend video head.

and mother chat minow.

on the working head.

is better in other ways. I don't know if Song Dandan can take her girl with a fire this time. As many dead oxygen has countless this article how Song Dandan took Jiang Yan act, "my father will be back in a" home "martial arts, marriage", "beautiful" contract, "a war", "the good life" in Jiang Yan and Song Dandan have played together, play a also many, is the younger generation heroine.

just do not know is family drama is not easy to make a lottery, or for other reasons, Jiang Yan has not been able to fire up. Only with Song Dandan to join the variety of the variety "sister" in the second season, only a little bit off.

can only be said that Xiaohong relies on holding, "red" depends on life. Look at the future development.

, although the career development is not so smooth, but Jiang Yan's life is very rich and interesting. Life experience is good at cooking, and homemade video "own kitchen" two fat of each dish, looks super fragrant.

also contracted a new year's Eve dinner, so I want to make friends with Jiang Yan and go to her house for dinner.

, although it will eat, but also very careful to keep fit, often run night.


is also the lever, lordosis after alice.

no wonder that the Henry brother likes.

Song Dandan is also love her, she is a good actress beautiful small house.

is just not quite satisfied with her obsession with plastic. She had been advised in the show that she didn't think it would be a shriveled shot, and there was a shot that could not be an actor.

in fact, the early adjustment of Jiang Yan is more suitable for yourself. When the debut, because of a flat nose, more rustic. Through the nose surgery, the nose straight, fleshy nose becomes small, the nose is to recover, people seem more delicate temperament.

chin is very short, convex mouth is very serious, now the chin long and sharp, the whole people pretty much.

injection needle thin face into the masseter muscle, a face is a small circle.

adjusted exquisite three-dimensional face becomes more photogenic.

just Jiang Yan obviously did not take Song Dandan's words