When is the anchor for Li Yifeng Wu Yifan's irresponsible rumor?

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When is the anchor for Li Yifeng Wu Yifan's irresponsible rumor?

2017-12-16 09:27:19 207 ℃

is now the webcast is really chaos, some red net to Bo eye, really is the elimination of sharp head eighteen using Wu Yi, the purpose is to be in the red circle network to blaze a new trail, after all the webcast still wind mouth, as long as to be famous, as long as it can attract attention you can lift the wind, wave, trouble, or even slander, slander, and mistakes cost of doing this is not high, do not need to pay the legal responsibility. But the object of the rumor is the harm and attack on the reputation.

yesterday, the game live anchor in time, with friends in the dialogue, claiming that Li Yifeng is not famous former love sleeping fans, Wu Yifan is lying in the gun, acting in the name of love love Wu Yifan's sleeping fans, the video on the Internet after exposure, caused the attention of users quickly.

from the point of view even barrage was Li Yifeng, a fan of Wu Yifan's abuse, two people talking without taboo, this is too much information in the dialogue, two popular little meat Li Yifeng, Wu Yifan have been lying gun, the red net is really mouth running train, they will a few words to harm others is fatal, this did not pay the responsibility encounter when Hugh, should net to possession of the red red use unscrupulous divisive tactics.

Li Yifeng Wu Yifan, the studio is also the first time issued a statement, as a popular popular actor, fame, reputation is the vitality of the art is worth, especially like Li Yifeng, Wu Yifan this, once got bad things. There are so many advertising endorsements. When choosing cooperation with stars, the brand is related to the behavior constraints, and once the negative events happen during the cooperation, it will be faced with a high default penalty, and it will also have an impact on the brand reputation. The artist brokerage firm has to get out of the fire. The irresponsible remark of these nets is fatal to the influence of others. It is hoped that the relevant departments can make laws and regulations to allow the irresponsible to take the responsibility of the law.