The oldest "Miss digital"? She admits that 24 years ago and Andy Lau had said 123 of his lines.

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The oldest "Miss digital"? She admits that 24 years ago and Andy Lau had said 123 of his lines.

2017-12-16 18:27:23 131 ℃
The original

it is reported that, because before Venus mentioned in the program of "Miss digital entertainment" phenomenon set off the media boom, the so-called digital Miss refers to an actress during the acting process. The lines, with the number "12345678" instead of.

Liu Tao also said he had "digital Miss": was there a eight years girl, my mother gave me the shot when I was still playing, but the girl standing next to read 1234567.

it was suspected to be Xu Lu, but Xu Lu attended the Tencent Star Awards, wearing a pink dress girl full of sense, by virtue of "flash girls" won the new film actor of the year award in her domineering stage responded, "I'll use more good works, to prove the digital network that they are not miss."

but this phenomenon in fact already appeared in the performing arts circle, Christy Chung had when guest chat show, that 24 years ago, and Andy Lau starred in the film "extreme thirty-six meter turn", he did not read the lines. Then later dubbed digital instead. She also said, as long as the rhythm is good.

but Christy Chung Venus is obviously not in conformity with the standards of the digital Hailu Qin miss, she said she had no dedicated digital miss such things, but if you encounter, a big mouth pumping past.

the old play bone Duan Yihong also bluntly they really met "digital actors", was also a face of serious Duan Yihong scared senseless, but have never seen the actor and as Duan Yihong said, this one will be eliminated sooner or later.

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