Zhang Yixing to go Luhan? DAB, poke, show, love and love this time?

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Zhang Yixing to go Luhan? DAB, poke, show, love and love this time?

2017-12-16 18:29:36 162 ℃

since the Luhan affair broke, the entertainment is simmering, everyone's attention for a moment all transferred to the popular niche on the body, the same as the exo combination of Zhang Yixing, may be announced romance! What! Why did the gods have girlfriends?

news is true remains to be verified, but he said, Xiao Bian also up in the hit series "in two of the old nine door" feelings are real abuse bad everyone!

this scene really cheated a few small total kilograms of tears, two people in the play the affection on people really think I is a pair of two people.

except in play, interaction between the two individual off screen also has super love.

today, have a group of friends broke out of order photos say suspected Zhang Yi Xing in love with Yuan Bingyan. Zhang Yixing and Yuan Bingyan have both handed the ins, and some fans point out that this is Zhang Yixing's hand.

girls also sent a photo with deep meaning on the same day. The photo is also a close-up of a hand. Some netizens suspect: is it showing love in a space-time? Think we eat melon people can't understand it? ~

look at the comments of the "netizens". Netizens commented in Yuan Bingyan's state: find a boyfriend. After that, some netizens met Zhang Yixing for sushi. The netizen responded that Zhang Yixing was in need of a person to take care of him. So it sounds like two people really deserve it!

and when Zhang Yixing was filming the battle of proposing in Guangzhou, Yuan Bingyan also mysteriously appeared in Guangzhou.

users' operation: I feel a little sheep if there is a time for love, will not faint. Although the small editor also feels they are well matched, they still have to look at the attitude of the parties.

do you think it's true?

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