"National Opera Festival" live from the red carpet comes, you want to see the stars are here!

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"National Opera Festival" live from the red carpet comes, you want to see the stars are here!

2017-12-17 00:27:09 233 ℃


Chinese live from the red carpet starting!

hundreds of red opera stars all come!

wonderful has started,

you want to see the stars are here!

first came on the appearance of our old friend host's remaining sound, beautiful! For a moment she will enter the festival main venue, and we work together to open another year of national opera festival. Also welcome Mr. Lu Dong of the 37 science and technology pharmaceutical industry.

with the flavor of youth and the unique musical style of the CORE ONE combination come! Captain Cui Shaopeng, as well as four players Su Yuhang, Xu Fangzhou, Chen Yunong and dream of cool styling, high Yan * 5 and long legs is so many sisters could not resist!

actor Ji Ta also visit the red carpet, "White Deer" in his excellent interpretation of the impressive future, let us look forward to more of his wonderful works!

min Prince Liang Zhenlun, too! Today is also a handsome prince fan, "the character of mortals" to "my little aunt", and recently Liang Zhenlun is a regular visitor to Anhui satellite TV.

is in Anhui TV's hot broadcast "my little aunt" starring Zhu Yongteng! Where are the fans?!

beauty Li Yixiao, from "Chu legend", "Fengshen hero" to "the new eleven" Xiao Lang, you remember what her role?!

, from the singer named "Dolphin music Prince" to the actor in cross border movies and TV shows, Wang Yuexin has made a good performance in various fields. Today, the red carpet style, music is indeed the metrosexual man!

small fresh Yilai Sun Goddess, from "my adolescence", "fifteen years" to "wait for the birds because of you", along the way, she not only acting proven, this year also upgrade mom yo ~

Jian sewing goddess temperament posture, wearing a black dress debut, amazing to you? Whether it is "energy-saving" in "or" why Mei, hunting in Roy, her interpretation of all the people, looking forward to her more screen performance ~

welcome actor Chai Biyun, in 2011 she won the "new My Fair Princess" in the "saya Princess" attention and praise. And have been in the TV series "Lu Zhen legend" "Purple hairpin romance" "summer solstice" have outstanding performance. Looking forward to her more wonderful works in 2018.

weighs heavy! Liuxiaolingtong, a famous performing artist, came to us. See "monkey king"! It's just a childhood memory. Today we must have a good chat about those people who swim in the West!

"to the emperor"! The 191 minute long legs is really going to burst ah Jun Chinese mobile phone screen! From the "ten" in the III peach blossom in full of fairies in Donghua lake, to the "sword of the Han cloud" evil charm kuangjuan purple dress, Gao Weiguang the model turned actor is being accepted by more and more people. Under the high sweet today do not know where to be captured the hearts of many donuts?

to Xudan tall look sweet, she is very good at "ten peach", III Xuannv "haggard sinister interpretation, but in the face of children with slightly insane tender and touching, in" turning over "Hi embarrassed female flower, she turned weird girl, let a person feel very surprise.

do not walk away, wonderful continue oh !