SARFT announced in 2017 the movie actor list, a total of 23 users: cheerful!

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SARFT announced in 2017 the movie actor list, a total of 23 users: cheerful!

2017-12-25 09:33:13 309 ℃

recently, there was news that SARFT had counted a list of 2015-2017 years' rotten drama in the entertainment industry. The list is mainly based on the score of bean paste. As everyone knows, watercress score is from scoring. In this list, all stars below 6 points are unqualified actors.

first name Hawick Lau

masterpiece "daughter" Nvzei, "Rainbow man", "two flowers", "you are my sister", "lonely empty court to late spring" and so on, watercress score is not high, questioned by acting.

looks back on wife Yang Mi. In recent two years, her work level has been rising linearly, and she has taken the excellent works of "Sansheng three worlds, ten li peach blossoms" and "interpreter". It seems that in addition to the entertainment circle, Hawick Lau's family status is also not guaranteed.

, netizens said the list is the fastest and the most popular ones are Guli Nazha, Zhang Han, Huang Xiaoming and Angela Baby.

before the couple acting has been questioned, the coulee nuozha expressionless, Zhang Han is the president of specialist, although with "wolf 2" white wash, take some doubt, but also to hone acting.

"/1ydzximg/0HyhmWbzFO" after the couple working hard in the entertainment industry for many years, but it is getting better and better reputation, can be the leader and baby in addition to public welfare undertakings to let users point of praise applauded, acting is getting worse.

, especially from the "Shanghai" and "the Great Han Emperor" to this year's ancient love songs, word-of-mouth is getting worse and worse.

Angela Baby "does not reward" solitary Fang is needless to say no more. The arena said: not zishang matting.

and the most controversial is luhan. Only a big book, "the choice of the day", the word of mouth polarization. Some people say that first TV, play it well, some people say the embarrassment, no acting.

for this, what do you think?