Baoqiang Wang: the cause is a green light, but marriage is a green hat. Ma Rong revealed the ultimate cause

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Baoqiang Wang: the cause is a green light, but marriage is a green hat. Ma Rong revealed the ultimate cause

2017-12-25 09:33:51 396 ℃

everyone knew that the marriage of Baoqiang Wang and Ma Rong was also the storm of the city. He said that Ma Rong's hat to Baoqiang Wang was too big and green. But how about the treasure and the horse?

in the absence of burst of derailment, four of them also participated in the "where is the father" but we see in the show is Ma Rong headed female main momentum, strong brother can only be said to be spoiled wife spree. But what I have to mention is that the strong brother is really the strength of the grass roots.

Baoqiang Wang was born in a peasant family, the age of 16 a person at the North drift, when the crew of each show, as a substitute! In the run for many years on, then God finally favored him, was chosen to star in the film "blind shaft", but with the access to the fortieth session of the Taiwan Film Awards Best New Actor Award.

has a work of Baoqiang Wang later got, the name of the director's appreciation. 2 not only in the movie, but also has a good performance in the TV series, for example, in 2004, 2008 in the drama "directed by Feng Xiaogang A World Without Thieves" in good performance, but also by virtue of the "shock troops" in a corner of XuSanDuo was the twenty-fourth China TV Golden Eagle most gas actor and audience favorite TV actor award!

Baoqiang Wang is said to be a very influential cause ah, then more excellent movies frequently, "in the way", "embarrassed embarrassed", "Chinatown Thailand Holmes" circle powder countless, acting is also got hitherto unknown rise! There is much more opportunity for people to get gold from nature. In addition, the variety shows such as running, brothers and daddy go to their places also increase their popularity.

Ma Rong said in an interview: "everyone else is walking around the street, watching a movie. What is it? We find a park every day, and accompany him to practice, so boring. Is a variety of boxing, somersault. He told me, "you help me, I can turn it from here." Perhaps it is because of different views, so there will be a big event.

, however, has the original sentence, that is to say that finding a right person is better than anything. Two personal views on the conflict, there must be consequences part company each going his own way to do it, just in time.

has a netizen saying, if you find your husband and turn it up in the park every day, do you think you are walking around the monkey?

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