Jane Zhang's hair is the first look of Sherry, and does Selina change the style of Banny Chen's painting

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Jane Zhang's hair is the first look of Sherry, and does Selina change the style of Banny Chen's painting

2017-12-25 18:32:23 252 ℃

do not know everyone has a favorite singer, I think Jane Zhang's tone is still very good, just. Sometimes her other easily provoking misunderstanding ah ~

in the big show she's singing as a singer, is also very good shape. But the netizen said that although the shape is very cool, but it is a bit like Rihanna, it would be awkward ~

she recently appeared in a music program, in the middle of the purple hair, hair color, let a person suddenly think is Sherry ~

but also have to admit that the day her dress really features oh. Wearing a yellow dress design floor vertical striped cloak, and is the popular "text-align: start style= ~

as singer Gloria Tang, every time we think she will hang and trousers above, but she is also more and more recently will wear it, a her dress looks very beautiful.

far see past words are like the fairy fairy, but a Wai is enough to read, empty, and the clothes pattern is really awkward. The net friend said: is this a caterpillar? It looks like goose bumps. ~

or love this set of Gloria Tang's dress, black bra pants collocation I-shaped white vest, high waist design is very slim and stylish ~

Gloria Tang fluctuated, s for beauty, really can pay. She was sexy, and she was ten years younger when she was wearing an embroidered skirt with a sleeveless shirt.

you have found her face like a mole? She said it was to match this suit. It looks really good now.

when Zhao Wei attended the event very carefully dress, but as long as it is a wear underneath, she is comfortably, so her personal clothing is often ~

at the airport is often able to see her very down to earth up, look a bit, no idol burden...

this hair is messy. The average actress is afraid to wear it. Netizens: I don't know which ordinary aunt I don't know.

recently, she attended an event, wearing a white plaid Jumpsuit collocation thick white sneakers, the top side of wavy hair, looks really strange. Net friend: is this the style of painting like Banny Chen?

so close to see, feel more alternative, and even eat lotus root. Yan value may not be back to the beginning, but it can win everyone's interest in wearing and promoting self cultivation. I really don't want Selina to have any misunderstanding about fashion in ~