After Cherrie Ying, s also as "prophecy God"? There are already five pairs of recruit!

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After Cherrie Ying, s also as "prophecy God"? There are already five pairs of recruit!

2017-12-26 00:28:27 471 ℃

/ Gardenia

recently Taiwan artist Xiao Xian and basketball player ho Shou, who are getting divorced at 5th anniversary when they are married, have aroused a lot of attention. Xiao Xian, a former girlfriend of the Taiwan host Tuo Zongkang, is also more famous in Taiwan. So the news came out, and it was still very shocking.

a reason people speculate divorce is the man woman mind cannot have children, but the parties did not specify how the real situation. You can say it again, especially in the entertainment circle skelter, outsiders don't really know too much, there is no way to explore. However, as early as 2013, someone "God predicted" the unhappy outcome of this marriage. This person is small.

was in the March 2013 "Kangxi", and Xiao Xian acted as a guest. Just after she and He Shouzheng in the United States during the registration of marriage, the couple joy in their marriage. honeymoon. Ask her marriage is not a happy little.

"s said feel happy now, five years after the girl know." Now, I do not know is not a phrase into slander?

as a senior sister presided over the session, it "s reading countless people", in the "Kangxi" also often guest artists and guests to watch funny, become one of the show. But with the passage of time, many users find s really called "prophecy emperor", many in the show no words, but in reality become true.

2013 in December, "Kangxi", had predicted nine small knife because of cheating and on the social news. By October 2014, nine knives were photographed "stole" by the media and got the news.

and one often Kangxi's regular guest Zhao Zhengping. In the 2009 program, Kevin Tsai asked him, "have girls ever been pregnant for you?" Zhao Zhengping gave a denial. S then asked, if the girl has told you how to do? Zhao Zhengping said, "it's born, but marriage is another thing."

results after 5 years, Zhao Zhengping was involved in the illegitimate child of storm, a woman left his children, but Zhao did not let children newspaper accounts, also let the child's mother said the child's foreign father is dead. After that, Zhao Zhengping confessed his mistake and acknowledged the fact of the child.

Edison Chan was in Kangxi when he was in contact with Yang Yongqing. Small s said two people will be divided, but Edison Chan will not break up, and he s still specially made a bet. The final result...

also has a prediction for her close friend Aya, saying that Aya's dream is "falling in love with Lama" and joking that there may be a handsome Lama chasing you. At that time everyone thought it was a joke among friends.

, but Aya was born female, was Bachu daughter's father is a reincarnation of Rinpoche.

a "God of prophecy", and "prophecy emperor" Cherrie Ying when it is no, but some people think it is a coincidence, after all, small over so many years, also encountered so duojla object program, said it would be really so hit several times, not necessarily see god. This certainly has some truth, but also to have a small prediction, is also quite dare to say.

dear friend, do you think it is a coincidence? Or really "the prophet"?