The fastest of the ten minutes before Wu Xin made waves three errors, ten years I also depends on He Jiong to save the market?

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The fastest of the ten minutes before Wu Xin made waves three errors, ten years I also depends on He Jiong to save the market?

2017-12-26 09:30:27 355 ℃

sister heard around buddy for today's "happy camp" Tucao, that is every Saturday from Wu Xin after the hot search we calculate the guests who are ~

listen to his Tucao sister suddenly remembered it seems a long time did not see the childhood period will find the gold variety!

so today while the good weekend I opened a new fast ~

moment, Scarlett, and Yiwei Zhou a group. Scarlett, recall the Hunan Taiwan and Yiwei Zhou his fate, this segment of the warm yet funny, there is nothing wrong with the ~

turn Du Haitao Shen Teng, the uncle Shen Haitao metaphor "Lang" is to say that he signed artists have fire, welcome the intention box office I can get

but think carefully, this is the waves inadvertently give a brand to do free advertising!

lens to what the teacher, also can see he is ignorant of the sea face...

the latter to compensate the errors, put the word in the middle on the top of the Lang, but soon the existing gold master PA ~

at this time what the teacher stood out to complete the first wave.

deliberately told a Shen uncle about "iron fist" shame at the box office exceeded two billion stories ~

you believe me, this is not Haitao mistakes as soon as this embarrassing basin, because... And Wu Xin!

Wu Xin and no extra words to explain the powerful place such as the elder sister, but only with the super simple sentence "you see I signed artists, such as the sister with me most cattle X expression to render......

however this is not Wu Xin's only professional, because she made this action after the fan: left right swing, with the tone of disdain and said "you look, you sign these artists...... "

but she did not finish, was standing on the side of Jia Ye interrupted Scarlett, of course, this is the God rushed to save the field ~

Jia Ye to tell Wu Xin of the real problem -- you can hold Sandra Ng, but you don't need to step on Shen Teng and Yiwei Zhou, who is not bad!

Jia Ye and Wu Xin probably aware of the mistake, then quickly to where the teacher wink "text-align: start" >

the next story should have guessed adorable mud, that is what the teacher again. The next incarnation of little angel, Wu Xin Wu Xin and incumbent cleverly rude focus to the guest on the Sandra Ng body

read this paragraph, I can only say" text-align: start style= ~

as for the half Wu Xin did not export is what, there are lovely small barrage guess

" Wu Xin said we are not here, "

sister today selected This is just ten minutes before the fast just introduce the guests of this ring, the audience can see the sea and Wu Xin for so many years did a little progress in...

has entered the happy camp since 07 years ago. Now it has been ten years, so what is the reason for them to host?

finally, I want to say a painstaking effort to Mr. He and Jiaxi, who are sticking to this fast twenty years.