Don't call Zhang Han Zheng Shuang under the compound, nuozha broke up because of this!

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Don't call Zhang Han Zheng Shuang under the compound, nuozha broke up because of this!

2017-12-26 18:29:22 1403 ℃

Byron said "if future meet, how will I greet you?

with tears, to silence. "

and Zhang Han

also gave nuozha to all then love

buds at the office this afternoon to pull the foot

codeword table next to a roar "

programmer nuozha single! I can marry her! "

scared the shoot tiger body shock

foot does not pull, the word is not the code

to quickly open grilled

this afternoon issued a statement released by

Wuli studio nuozha nuozha single

regardless of whether to support it about

the couple a path through the

is a brave love relationship

the buds grew up watching (with the vicissitudes of life three years)

a vigor of the emotions eventually escape their own business three years ago, we look forward to the outcome of


compound Shuang Tong master girl Zhang Han was directly in micro-blog when

announced Ainazha bold that this relationship can be used


after nuozha also affectionate to a long micro-blog

"he is really good" response to romance

this crazy attitude really the typical

girl moved, middle-aged bud

this feeling The old man wept bitterly. just released

because the outside world too much attention and distortion of

nuozha and Zhang Han bear a lot of pressure

nuozha because of the black powder pressure

directly in the program

crying collapse seen this feeling of carrying too much


but despite the pressure they launched

but did not hesitate to sugar!

high profile love?

that's the May 2nd micro-blog Po Po

low profile love?

respectively in micro-blog and INS couples dress photo

to bud as the representative of the masses eat melon


monkeys wait for them to be notified they broke up

be caught off guard regardless of the specific reasons for breaking up is what

hope they can put forward

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through this breakup more firmly believe that the bud

"show affection die quickly,"

the everlasting truth

< p> then we will look at what



points as fast as lightning shaking heaven and earth!


Ni Ni; William Feng said the entertainment show of affection for veteran

must mention Ni Ni and William Feng

is a senior

they show the true peace former model

"/1ydzximg/0HzA30JKzd" / >

in early 2012 two people broke the relationship of

(can not help but recall that I was a little bud)

and William Feng directly on the micro-blog

two officially opened the recognition of sugar src= mode

three days to five days a brown sugar sugar

William Feng mercilessly every new

Ni Ni will send micro-blog support

with every one

is the

William Feng's loving show high!

and occasionally playful character see what her boyfriend

Ni Ni woman is nothing in the house to see the film

Si />

"/1ydzximg/0HzA30jJaD" is not miss her boyfriend birthday


Ni Ni in the eyes of

bud just see the flashing of the peach bud

was rumored

broke the news they have

the results of the two licensing of marriage style a

announced that

broke up but they broke up after

which is the most love bud of love

together love unbridled

hand No harm to each other,

can be said to be a very Buddha department!

Zheng Kai & Cheng Xiaoyue

; Zheng Kai & Cheng Xiaoyue

after a year in 2015 announced the Qixi Festival affair the Qixi Festival will send micro-blog

show loving bud feel pretty good-looking collocation with

shortly before the bud "youth hostel" is seen chasing

Zheng Kai sent Cheng Xiaoyue a tea shop round dream girl who

the man wanted to

the second day micro-blog announced that two people have to break up the food

spread to go

to the true identity of lovers "we love"

thought is in front of the National People's life

who knows the ending is only for lovers really divided

"we love this program.

is currently the woman The man has to take off the

affair officially ended

Li Chen & Zhang Xinyu

when Li Chen love Zhang Xinyu

natural stone love love to you

bud was destined to give this two story down on

although was immediately ex girlfriend face is wholesale