Yuan Quan's eyes are too old for the eyes of Ma Yili, ten years old, than Ma Yili.

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Yuan Quan's eyes are too old for the eyes of Ma Yili, ten years old, than Ma Yili.

2017-12-27 09:39:54 421 ℃

in the end summarizes the moment, every major festival have been held over, various celebrities children are on the red carpet show a wave, of course the most senior can still stand on the podium! The event will expose some unPS photos and destroy the image of some stars in the audience. Especially the word "not old", do not believe, not the light is P.

at an awards ceremony, Yuan Quan and Ma Yili again with the box, two of cooperation work "my former life is attention once again, two women on the show is a hotspot, in support of their fans there is some feeling well-matched in strength. The two people in the play are women who have over thirty in the workplace.

see a photo of Yuan Quan and ray caroling, you will find Yuan Quan slightly fat ray caroling old looks a lot less energetic. There is no TV set of gas, the "advanced face" Yuan Quan and everyone in the mouth? In fact, the word "high face" is a match for Yuan Quan, but today, no PS exposure, Yuan Quan's performance gap and imagination is a little big.

many people feel that Yuan Quan has been vicissitudes, actually is the eye reason, Yuan Quan's eye looks very advanced, deep, very European and American feeling. However, the eyes will become more old with the passing of the years, and with the vicissitudes of the world.

Hong Tao is such a small eyes, so after over forty years, even if other parts of the very young, the skin is in place, but the eyes will easily exposure age. This kind of eye is very beautiful in the young, and there is a European and American fan, but the state of the old is a little difficult to describe. A pair of eyes is one of the impressions a person gives, and is also the most profound part of the impression.