Ma Rong: I can derail, but Baoqiang Wang, you shouldn't be exposed!

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Ma Rong: I can derail, but Baoqiang Wang, you shouldn't be exposed!

2017-12-27 09:40:02 405 ℃

Author: Royal Lou

distance "derailed" after 1 years, Ma Rong made a long statement on micro-blog, denounced the Baoqiang Wang year exposed his derailment that Baoqiang Wang "harm" to children physical and mental health and growth, we feel content keyword:

"as a young mother but also"

"; I want to do is to do everything to reduce the impact of this matter on two children;

" for the past ten years of marriage, I just want to say: ten years of the family, children, pay all, have a clear conscience!"

this statement by the media reproduced, instantly boarded micro-blog hot search page.

indeed, when I visit micro-blog to see this news, because micro-blog become the abuse of the battlefield. Ma Rong's original intention, perhaps, is to put the attention of the masses on the impulse and fault of Baoqiang Wang by playing the emotional cards of children, so as to prove to the public that this thing is more than I am wrong, Baoqiang Wang is also wrong.

in fact, Ma Rong's strategy, have to say, is still very bright, after all, the public have sympathy for the weak and weak mentality.

in this field all the fuss about the divorce case, the weakest party, apparently not Ma Rong or Baoqiang Wang, but their two child, the child in the wrong judgment on the influence of the "highest point", it is easy to make people feel that Baoqiang Wang's approach is not reasonable, but also the lack of proper.

, but throughout the statement, Ma Rong's logic is actually a little ridiculous, because her whole logic is summed up as follows:

, "I can derail, but for the better future of children, Baoqiang Wang shouldn't be exposed."

didn't know when the first mistake people always had a set of "villains". The logic of this statement was "extremely shameless": Yes, I am a villain, but you are a good man, so you can not learn me to be evil.

they can confidently confess their crimes, pressing the "good guys" living space come swaggeringly. They left all tolerance to themselves and put all the responsibility on others.

they deduce the "shameless"!

to show the white feather, double-click the 666.

sometimes so-called marriage and love, the emphasis is on the sense of participation.

if one is the 99 step in marriage, and the other is even 1 are not willing to take it, finally only then.

is like a boy frantically chasing a girl, if the girl always raises the noble head, continue to test the bottom line to pay the boy, the boy will one day leave silently, not because he did not love you enough, but no one can mean that another person is willing to lose yourself.

is like a marriage, if a woman contracted all the housework, child care and education of children, and to make money for the family, while men will work every day after lying on the sofa with uncle, brush mobile phone, that one day the woman will mercilessly leave. It is not that she does not cherish the family and the children, but that no one clearly knows that he can live and marry you, but she wants to marry you all over the ground.

love is not only one side is struggling to maintain, the other is free and easy, but it can feel each other's mutual care and care for each other's lives.

it is when one day a person on the outside by a great injustice, returned home another can say "never mind, I have";

it is the day when God is unpredictable, a person lying on the bed life can not take care of themselves, and one can never abandon.

this time, the lack of "I love you", but "I will always be with you".

or Ma Rong, she always thinks she is the greatest blessing to marry Baoqiang Wang Baoqiang Wang, so will lead to even if she is cheating, she can still be so confidently to blame each other is not.

because of this marriage from the beginning, Ma Rong is not looking at love, perhaps money, perhaps fame and fortune. Baoqiang Wang is a useful tool for her to help her, she doesn't need to worry, achieve success and win recognition, cherish Baoqiang Wang all to pay for her, she couldn't see Baoqiang Wang said every word is not gorgeous, but modest commitment.

because she did not like him, so he said everything was worth it.

also remembers a divorced female reader who said her ex husband was very good for her, a ten kilometre snack, a limited edition bag, an idols' signature... All the most difficult and the most difficult to get, he can find her for her.

until her father went bankrupt, and no longer gave her husband the hardest relationship, the best resource, her ex husband never even bought an apple that he had eaten.

marriage is sometimes real, the reality of the reality, the reality can not help tears.