Zou Shiming has a plan to switch to an entertainment brokerage firm that may have realized the short board of the present team

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Zou Shiming has a plan to switch to an entertainment brokerage firm that may have realized the short board of the present team

2017-12-27 18:25:38 1430 ℃
The ripping war between

Zou Shiming and the former brokerage firm is still continuing to upgrade. At the same time, I received an exclusive news that Zou Shiming was looking for a new brokerage team in the entertainment circle. The Zou Shiming team

in the latest statement, pointed out that before the brokerage company (Sheng Li family) there is a serious breach in early 2017, Zou Shiming sent a letter to the company to inform each other of the lifting of the original contract, no contract. For the defaults of the Shengli family, Zou Shiming said that it would protect the rights and interests through legal means.

Zou Shiming and Sheng Li family pass lawsuit becomes a "rashomon". What the public sees and understand is not necessarily the truth. All this needs to be left to the law to make a verdict.

in this passing event, the Zou Shiming team ability to be widely questioned. After the boxer's defending battle was lost to the wooden village, Zou Shiming was always on top of the wind and waves. After the failure of the appeals WBO, Zou Shiming's statement made him a public mockery again.

since then, Zou Shiming may be blinded by the news. Because the source is the Eight Diagrams media "All Star News Agency", and there are many doubts in the high-definition map, the Zou Shiming team is accused of speculation. Then, people have been informed to the "All Star News Agency disclosed Sheng Li family forced Zou Shiming to play with, in income and other major mengliao.

's news completely opened the contradiction between Zou Shiming and the Shengli family. Of course, it is the most effective way for the parties to take legal weapons to take up their legal rights. This is far more valuable in Internet Dazui guns.

Zou Shiming and Sheng Li family, what is right and wrong, we are not these people can judge the melon. At this stage, in the chain of evidence is not clear, who team there is the possibility of the face.

an undisputable fact is that under the banner of Shengli Shijia, Zou Shiming's image is aboveboard. There are hardly any negative news on the Internet. He has been molded into a low key and modest world boxing champion. He is an inspirational idol of millions of poor young people. When Zou Shiming set up in the brokerage contract with his wife Ran Yingying brokerage company, his image of "waterfalls three thousand feet, from collapse, become a boxing a clown.

reports: Zou Shiming had declared his wife find articles for people outside the ghost, Ran Yingying for the filming of the TV series and the hype next year. Through my channel, I confirmed the truth of the news.

in Zou Shiming's brokerage team, had a great featuring senior media people. The day before, the senior media people had already left. The reason for his departure is not difficult to understand, too much in relation to Ran Yingying's public relations business, and the idea is not the same as the senior media person. It can be said that Zou Shiming's brokering team's public relations strategy is made by Ran Yingying.

no matter how Ran Yingying's background, how to build a sports star, public relations people, a series of measures reflects the side occupation of her. With the help of the "All Star News Agency" of the Eight Diagrams media, this is the idiomatic strategy of the entertainment star. The Zou Shiming team was too high on the gossip media and further hurt his public image.

, as I learned from other sources, Zou Shiming began to try to find a new brokerage firm in the entertainment circle. After Sheng Li family decorum skin, they can not be reconciled with the. And set up their own brokerage team not occupation place also let Zou Shiming have enemies in front and rear.

, at the same time, conveys a signal that Zou Shiming's center of gravity will turn to the entertainment circle in the future. Because an entertainment brokerage firm did not have the ability to run the championship for Zou Shiming. The entertainment brokers are better at selling and packing Zou city and Ming in the entertainment circle. This also coincides with Ran Yingying's desire to dabble in the entertainment circle.

anyway, choose a professional entertainment brokerage firm, is now better than the Caotai group mode is more reliable. But the problem is that if Ran Yingying still plays the role of the speaker in Zou Shiming's team, I'm afraid that any brokerage firm afraid of changing is close to the fragmented public image of Zou Shiming.