Faye Wong finally issued audibles Cecilia Cheung directed Bo sympathy, when they see friends: mom!

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Faye Wong finally issued audibles Cecilia Cheung directed Bo sympathy, when they see friends: mom!

2017-12-28 18:40:44 887 ℃

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since Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse together after it has been deeply criticized, but Faye Wong gave us the impression that no matter outside of his doubts how rarely see Faye Wong personally dislike spray clarification or anger. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Nicholas Tse likes her. Although the feelings of the two have not progressed, we can see that the two people's daily life is still very sweet, and there is no rift.

but relative to Cecilia Cheung, as a single mother some sad. After all, it is one person to take care of two sons. But it is also admiring to see the healthy growth of the two sons today. Cecilia Cheung's daily life is to bask the birthday of the children, record the growth of the children, and see that the mother and son are very cozy. Although his son was only celebrating his birthday, Nicholas Tse was not present, but it looked as if Cecilia Cheung's son was used to his birthday.

to say with respect to how to be a good mother, netizens compared to Faye Wong and Cecilia Cheung, Cecilia Cheung has started to teach children how to help others, be an upright person of filial piety. Not only that, the eldest son will be on the Spring Festival Gala this year. And in recent days, Cecilia Cheung also sent a picture. Cecilia Cheung was tired at the time of dinner, and his elder son was very sensible to help his mother. This scene made netizens praise Cecilia Cheung's son.

for Faye Wong Faye Wong, the way to educate their children are more likely to develop freely. Dou Jingtong's style is different from that of ordinary girls, but the rain of his tutor has inherited Faye Wong's character. Even though the outside world is questioned, Dou Jingtong seldom comes out to clarify. Li Yan is good at Li Yapeng's help, even if some of the shortcomings, we now see Li Yan is very confident and generous.

but this "good mother" from Cecilia Cheung has been questioned by a friend of Faye Wong, and issued a document at Cecilia Cheung sympathy Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse often use his own speculation. But always does not love debate outside image voice of Cecilia Cheung Faye Wong seems to be good mothers more time also said some meaningful words, you don't need to say suspected exposure themselves by the approval of others, he is a person of faith, do anything, just follow your heart.

Faye Wong so users guess have overtones in conversation, we think of Cecilia Cheung as a mother's heart can be said to moan?