I thought "this life fairy had the honor of" two generation is bad

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I thought "this life fairy had the honor of" two generation is bad

2017-12-28 18:40:53 822 ℃

the movie that we are going to meet this weekend is quite new.

our film "after the founding of the nation can not be refined", the film is also a goblin. Modern goblins, aesthetically beautiful and romantic, new fun.

, most of all, felt that Liu Yifei was going to turn over with the film.

this type of film, probably to the representatives made a nice turnaround -- the two generation

"this life fairy had the honor of"

I feel bad is consciousness.

again looks at the outline of the film, the goblins in modern cities and the love story of human beings, emmmm is a bit of a hanging.

but everything needs to be reviewed to be fair.

read "this life fairy had the honor of" two generation early point mapping, I'd put a horse, this movie is the new year's day shift.

first mentioned its theme. Chinese films always lack such kind of "goblin" theme. From "journey to the west" to "Liao Zhai", classic texts provide rich materials for movie creators.

but in the context of modern time, such stories are rarely told. The most critical factor in

is the audience's sense of substitution.

our audience will subconsciously choose to believe that the "journey to the west", believe in "Liaozhai" scholar and fox story, but not to believe in a modern fairy tale.

in a long time we have not experienced, illusory let us believe. But modern goblins may have a sense of isolation in most parts of the audience.

but "the two generation of goblins this life is lucky" did very well.

the screenplay is an original script, getting rid of the popular IP, which is great.

, at the same time, the movie also built a world view that can bring the audience into the world. You will totally immerse yourself in the modern goblin world, and affect the plot. That's the best.

how does it do it?

is full of characters.

take Liu Yifei as the white fox fiber Chu, this role with the delicate rampage.

as a child in the zoo is a small Yuan Shuai (actor) saved, adulthood, regardless of personal danger to pay a debt of gratitude to what can be done.

so the traditional "Fox gratitude" stories to the audience to see the modern, not greasy, and you need to change the role with relish.

white fiber broke the previous image of Chu Hu Yao our cognition, she is good-looking, face with temptation.

, but she's not just a meek.

white fiber Chu Ganai dare to hate, gratitude is the name of "marry you" mind.

you don't believe me is the fox, I will prove it to you.

you do not have money, I pick up a plastic bottle can give you money.

you don't have a vermicelli? I like you, I'm your fan.

who is going to stop me to marry you, God can "kill the Buddha Buddha block.

had to say that Liu Yifei was really right to choose the role.

white fiber Chu this role is a lot of heavy, good-looking, not to say, naive and lonely bravery, deep feeling and pure.

Liu Yifei broke the image of the consistent cold sky on screen, and deducted the meaning of a little contrast between white fiber and Chu. But I also think she can choose another more suitable way.

cold beauty like Lengyue is good-looking, but alive, there is a soul.

in addition to the fox goblin role, role of to build a system, is also the success of the film, Guo Jingfei played by Hong Sicong

, the daily clean up the mess, the occasional hobby is crazy, white fiber Chu and catnip. It's cheap and cold, and it seems to be the personality of the cat's master. Director

Li Guangjie's monster authority Yun Zhonghe, evil unrestrained domineering, villain aura eight meters.

from the rich at the same time, the movie comedy "let it be done very carefully.

Guo Jingfei led a cat captain, is the waist of Walkman comes with BGM, a young man.

demon world newscaster, is a husky, poker-faced with bass broadcast news, very elegant. The

story leads Rongshu is a panda, to visit his wife in custody, he invented rongshu. It's not surprising that the panda is very infatuated.

of course, the bright spot is "goblin chat without clothes", because "we have hair!"

see here, you can see that the movie has established a complete world view of the goblin, and at the same time, it is trying to bring the audience into the goblin world.

in the goblin world, they have to participate in human life, because they also want to live.

in the human world, they have their own profession, and have the same hobby and aesthetic taste as human beings.

, at the same time, is the same as human rule of law