Ma Yili is strong in the birth of Yuan Li and the actor!? A few words have offended Zhang Ziyi! The net friend is a good call!

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Ma Yili is strong in the birth of Yuan Li and the actor!? A few words have offended Zhang Ziyi! The net friend is a good call!

2017-12-28 18:40:58 918 ℃

Yuan Li opened the column of actor's birth of Zhejiang satellite TV. So far, Yuan Li's behavior has not only been supported by almost all netizens but also supported and encouraged by many colleagues.

Yuan Li and netizens want is a truth, but the truth is too difficult for Zhejiang satellite TV. Even the birth of "the actor" has ended, the truth has not released, is guilty or just a generous tolerance can make nothing of it.

and when Ma Yili was interviewed, he was asked about the issue of moving the acting onto the stage to PK. Ma Yili said "I think that is not good, I don't want to take it to the entertainment, but should be in another soul, find the character of core process, so, even if there is such a chance to find me, I can choose not to accept the words"

Ma Yili, stiff the stamp was "the actor's birth" program supervisor Zhang Ziyi. Ma Yili cares about the inner part of the actor, and Zhang Ziyi is concerned with the external image and the unlike.

actors need only external images and unlike? This small series is agreed with Ma Yili, the actor is playing a soul, a soul moved to the stage for comments, entertainment, which seems to violate the original intention of the actor. Ma Yili said, "I'm playing a soul." Zhang Ziyi said, "I haven't acted in a few years?" The gap is not only the acting, but also many. Do you support Ma Yili?

Ma Yili's speaking skills should not be moved to Taiwan for comparison and comment, because everyone has different characteristics. This is not the thing for the entertainment, but to create another soul, let the audience to remember, know that this is an art, not a performer's feeling. As the word came out, Zhang Ziyi had no face.

"actor Zhang Ziyi participated in the birth of" when he bluntly, myself full of reverence for acting, but awe stricken she can respect the objective facts, combined with the crew deliberately turned Yuan Li into a madman, besides Song Dandan also did not play a good role.

Ma Yili said: "a good performance. Everyone can see, not to say that acting is the tone, but tends to be the life. There is no ritual in the performance, and the performance is to feel the light, temperature, atmosphere at the time, not to set it in advance. "

, but for the problem of traffic pie and acting school, she thought it would be good if the two could integrate together, but it would be more difficult to combine them. Besides, Ma Yili didn't think that PK should be entertained with entertainment, and she would not accept such an invitation for her acting on stage PK.

can be seen from the interview with Ma Yili. Ma Yili said that there should be awe in acting, and the so-called awe is: "you should respect this occupation and some professional ethics, do not treat it casually." In this case, Zhang Ziyi also mentioned that, Zhang Ziyi thinks, the so-called "awe" is that you have to take the performance seriously! But the truth is more focused on the performance of Ma Yili's awe stressed, this seemed to face a serious Zhang Ziyi said.

netizen said, Ma Yili is not now talking about the online discussion is hot "the birth of the actor"? Yuan Li broke the news of the birth of "about" the actor Huang Lu, after the relevant insider, Zheng Hao once again broke the news will undoubtedly is "the actor's birth" arrangements and other shady exposure in front of friends, and Ma Yili said "these are also some critical problems in the actor's birth", and "the actor" it is also the birth of a program acting onto the stage of the competition.

, in fact, before Zhang Yishan in the interview also expressed on the birth of "the actor" views, Zhang Yishan said: "the show is not a competition but not on the stage of the game, can not see a return to a person acting is good or bad, neither win nor. Different people have different standards." He also said he would not go to the show.

compared to Zhang Yishan on the birth of "the actor", Ma Yili for acting the conversation more ruthless, is almost a no leave no room, it is undoubtedly the "actor" born this program there, directly face the Zhejiang satellite tv. Actor play is to return to the true, not the beforehand arrangement, but not the random treatment. What do you think?

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