Li Chen recorded "run" emergencies was rushed to the hospital by a cap

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Li Chen recorded "run" emergencies was rushed to the hospital by a cap

2018-04-16 20:25:05 160 ℃

"run" road Reuters

today, "run" was recorded in the Taiyuan Jin Merchant Museum. In the Reuters of the netizens, the Brotherhood was wearing a bachelor's dress and was full of vitality. The media reported that Li Chen was not careful in the program recording caps in the injured, suspected forehead bleeding, in the company of Deng Chao was a security escort to leave. After a while, Li Chen appeared on the screen with gauze.

"run it", Reuters, according to

, according to the network exposure photos, the brothers group wore their graduation dress. The guests were Angela Chang, Han Xue and Song Xiaobao. According to Iqiyi entertainment reporters at the scene reported that the program recording a hat throwing link, Li Chen accidentally injured by a cap, suspected forehead bleeding, the scene to the ambulance. Li Chen was escorted by a group of security guards under Deng Chao's escort, and later, Li Chen was on the head with a gauze on the scene.

"run it". According to

, just now, Li Chen fans official "Li Chen forum morning light fans" issued a confirmation message, saying Li Chen face smashed bleeding. It is understood that Li Chen has been injured many times in the "run", but the program group has never responded, and therefore the strong dissatisfaction of the fans.