Yue Yunpeng's shop on the black list: the total number of pork colony exceeded the number of false propaganda

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Yue Yunpeng's shop on the black list: the total number of pork colony exceeded the number of false propaganda

2018-04-27 10:25:22 349 ℃

Recently, Xiao Yueyue's fans may have to be disappointed because a black pork loaf sold in the Yunpeng Yuepeng Star Shop has been on the black list because of its unqualified quality.

Yongpeng Yuepeng Star Shop has exceeded the total number of black pork strips

On April 24, the State General Administration of Market Supervision issued the latest sampling information. Among them, the chewing black sold by Taopi Yuepeng Star Shop (operator is Taopipian (Beijing) Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.) Taobao Store Pork strips (five flavors, 120g/bag, 2017/9/16), the total number of colonies exceeded.

It is understood that the total number of colonies is mainly used to evaluate the cleanliness of foods. The total number of colonies exceeds the standard may be higher for the original bacteria and bacteria used by individual companies, and they do not strictly control the hygiene conditions of the production and processing processes as required. , Or with the packaging container cleaning and disinfection is not in place, the product packaging is not strict sealing, storage and transportation conditions are not properly controlled and so on.

The product in question has been recalled or was caused by improper transportation or storage.

You can see it in Yunpeng Xingpeng Yuedian shop, the shop is in Henan Sales of specialty products mainly include chili sauce, old soup noodles and duck neck, dried tofu and other snack foods. Taobao shop information shows that the operator is Pipipi (Beijing) Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

The business information system shows that the company’s legal representative is Wang Zhengyang, and the shareholders are Zheng Min (with Yue Yunpeng's wife's same name) and Wang Zhengyang. The registered capital of the company is 1 million yuan.

Screenshot of the National Enterprise Information System

On April 26th, the Green Squirrel called Mink Hide (Beijing) Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., the company's legal person Mr. Wang said that this product is commissioned processing production, received the notification of the regulatory authorities will be the product off the shelf and returned to the manufacturer for recycling, and has not yet re-launched the product.

In the store, Green Squirrel did not query related products. Subsequently, the green squirrel asked the arrival time as a consumer, customer service personnel said that no goods have been for a long time, it is not clear the specific arrival time.

According to a person familiar with the matter, all indicators of the product have passed the inspection before delivery, through a third-party company, employees have mistakenly placed it in the wrong environment, which may lead to The total number of colonies exceeded.

Said sales, who had lost due to false propaganda

According to information, in September 2016, comic actor Yue Yunpeng opened a “Pengpeng Yuepeng Star” at Taobao. "Shop", selling hot pepper sauce, noodles and other local Henan cuisine. At that time, according to media reports, as of October 10, 2016, its monthly sales of one single product of “red pepper” in the store reached 18.6 million bottles, and monthly sales in Henan also reached 174,000 boxes, and monthly sales of the online store were approximately 700,000 yuan.

But in fact, the Green Squirrel viewed its store and found that sales have now declined. Taking April 26 as an example, the products with the highest monthly sales volume were two big sauce products and spicy duck tongues, with monthly sales of 1,227, 1,018, and 841 respectively.

Network Sales Screenshots

In addition to the decline in sales, the company was sued for false publicity. Court and compensation.

On October 10, 2016, Liu Jingshui purchased 2 boxes of Henan Laotang noodles handmade noodles at the shop “Yoppi Yueyue Pengpeng Star Shop”. The product network description contained a promotional text “Without any additives”. "Not afraid of any preservatives." However, after the consumer received the product, he found that the product packaging labels marked product ingredients include guar gum, sodium carbonate, sodium glutamate, potassium sorbate and other food additives, preservatives.

In 2017, the Changsha County People’s Court in Hunan Province found that the defendant’s propaganda activities constituted fraud and should be liable for compensation. Liu Jingshui requested a refund of 39.8 yuan for purchases and an additional 500 yuan in compensation.

It is worth noting that many celebrities investing in the food industry mostly adopt a one-to-many OEM model, which also poses challenges to brand differentiation and quality control.

The green squirrel had a special inquiry in August 2017. Yue Yunpeng's online shop “Encountered Horses” commissioned several foundries to produce duck neck, chili sauce, dried bean curd, honey, and noodles. There are nearly 10 categories of products such as sesame oil.

Analysis of China's Food IndustryZhu Danpeng believes that this multi-category, multi-manufacturing, multi-manufacturer production and management span is large, quality control and food safety risks are high, and most star food companies nowadays are mostly light-asset operations. Sales marketing has less investment in back-end quality control, which is a huge risk for celebrity foods.

For our vast number of consumers, celebrity foods begin with a fresh look and a fresh image, but if you really want to keep going, you have to rely on quality. Safety is the first priority. So, ah, after a star sells food, it can take a long snack!