Zhang Jie is the most lazy, and finally know why he would be with Xie Na, perfect match!

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Zhang Jie is the most lazy, and finally know why he would be with Xie Na, perfect match!

2018-04-29 10:25:03 426 ℃

"The Sun Goddess" Xie Na is finally returning, and Zhang Jie, who has just become the father of two babies, has also begun to return to work. He first took his own refrigerator to participate in the recording of the first show of the second season of "Please Fridge". Then came the mushroom house in the second year of "Aspire to Life."

Users have been laughing at Zhang Jie as "a three-year-old baby" and after watching the show, he is Most will be lazy. Speaking of being lazy, the first person to think of was Chen He. In the first quarter, he refused to work with UV allergies, old illnesses, and other reasons. The result was that he did the most.

In the first quarter of the second quarter, Xu Hao was also holding his mind to work and doing nothing. ? All the competent, unable to do, and willing to do, will not do it all. In the night, Huang Lei and He Hao used the head as a bowling ball to make everyone laugh forward.

This time, Zhang Jie is much smarter. At the beginning, Dahua and Peng Peng buried the pits for the guests. They put a heart-shaped outline in the fields with rice, hoping that guests can fill their empty heart with full of love. The guests should be planted in the field.

When He Yirang Zhang Jie shouted When they both came back for dinner, Dahua and Peng Peng told Zhang Jie what they meant. Zhang Jie first glimpsed, and then began to play stupid, rice? Water to? It's a good thing! After turning around, they left and did not even call them for dinner. Only Dahua and Peng Peng stood silly.

Of course, Zhang Jie is not a little quitted. After successfully avoiding the trap of Dahua, several of them together went to the fish pond to catch nearly 20 pounds of fish. Then he kept Helping Huang Lei to lay hands, helping Huang Lei to cook, massage meat and so on.

After watching this show, he finally understands why Zhang Jie and Xie Na are together. They are really perfect partners. The same little cleverness, the same variety of The small tricks can not help but sigh: This is really the couple, exactly the same! For example, when Dahua Weichai, Zhang Jie will take the opportunity to ask him when the usual photos are often so P? Silly Dahua also Unable to nod and admit that next to Peng Peng's laughing mouth is not close.

But when it comes to singing, then Zhang Jie wouldn’t do it. An opening is really nice, He also showed it in just 24 hours at the conference at night. The Russian songs of the meeting.Although he was phoning according to his pinyin, but it does sound to people who do not understand Russian.

When he brought up his child, he was also quite emotional when he had just been a dad. This is not much to say, because people who know what to do with their parents know that. There are no deep feelings when a non-parental friend says too much, so the phrase “I don’t know if I don’t know my parents”.

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This is just the first day Zhang Jie went to the mushroom house and I don't know what will happen next. It is looking forward to it!