Xiong Yulin's postpartum foot edema from the black like "trotters" netizens call scary dare to have children

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Xiong Yulin's postpartum foot edema from the black like "trotters" netizens call scary dare to have children

2018-04-30 20:25:55 354 ℃

On the afternoon of April 30th, Xiong Yulin suddenly exposed himself to a picture of his feet and quipped: When will the pair of trotters be stuffed into high heels? I really want to speak with the world: Mom is really great!

Be aware that Xiong Yulin has always been the goddess in everyone's mind! As a well-known model, Xiong Yulin wants to have height and height, to be temperamental, and to be worthy of value! Idol baggage should not be light on weekdays! So today, Xiong Yulin will have such a pair of feet, which is quite surprising. Xiong Yulin's feet are very swollen and the meat on his back looks particularly thick and chubby, and even the toes are getting thicker.

It's hard to believe that this is a woman's feet that look so tall like Xiong Yulin. In fact, wearing high heels is not followed, anyway, so her husband will make money, do not need Xiong Yulin to go T station, to participate in various activities to make milk money, just do not know if edema will hurt.

The netizens' responses were also very loud and they were very scary.

After many small partners saw Xiong Yulin's feet, he left a message stating that he was afraid to have children. And it's really a lot of friends who have this resonance!

On April 24, Xiong Yulin was caesarean at a hospital in Hong Kong. After Xie Na, she was born again. Accompaniment to twin daughters. However, Xiong Yulin shared the good news on the second day. It was probably too tired on the day of production. He hadn't recovered yet, so he had a rest day. It has been almost a week since the blink of an eye.

The two little princesses are very sweet to sleep and are very quiet and beautiful. It seems that in order to take a photo to commemorate, Xiong Yulin also made a faint makeup, so the look looks very good. Guo Ke-hung is eager to see the mother-daughter trio. In the beginning, he was a father. He must have been filled with joy. Do you know if he would be a daughter-in-law again?

There are netizens who look at the “essence” through the phenomenon and believe that the swollen swollen foot is eating well and the nutrition is good, thus inferring that her husband loves Xiong Yulin very much.

Looks like many mothers will appear Feet swollen phenomenon, as well as netizens generously drying out their own post-pregnancy feet. Did you feel a sense of rising after reading?

There are also reasons why users analyze the reason they believe that their legs have long suffered the weight of the fetus , which leads to blood vessel expansion, and also gives some suggestions and methods for improvement. Such fans can be very intimate!

Said Parents Knowing what parents are saying, it's probably something like Xiong Yulin. Mom is really the greatest career in the world! Finally, I hope that Xiong Yulin can take a good rest and recover her spirits at an early date. Enjoy the hard work and happiness of having two little princesses.