Zhang Zizhao sun and her daughter have love interaction, netizens call too much like Chen He, meat toots own sense of joy!

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Zhang Zizhao sun and her daughter have love interaction, netizens call too much like Chen He, meat toots own sense of joy!

2018-04-30 20:26:04 202 ℃

Favorable May Day finally arrived. Zhang Zixiu had a natural holiday at home, not to mention only one-year-old daughter Anan. It was a weekend for Anan. A rare vacation, go to a movie, go shopping, or go out for a tour is not as satisfying as staying at home with her daughter.

On April 30, Zhang Zixin sung a few pictures of love with Anan and said with great pride: My daughter!

The mother and daughter are really real and sit directly on the floor, clothes are similar. Casual loose-colored tops and slim sport pants. Anan raised a small head and stretched out his little flesh hand, lovingly touching his mother's face. Zhang Ziyi also leaned over and enjoyed her daughter’s dependence on herself. The netizen commented that Anan was the little princess with her mother and she was more aggressive with her father Chen He!

Anan was tied up with three horned owls, which were pointed and cute! Anan played a car on the ground alone. How good the baby nutrition in the end, baby fat exaggerated, we look at Anan's wrist will know, have been squeezed out of two deep seams, so it must be very soft to feel, very comfortable!

Anan should be playing in the play facilities in the community. Anan, who was sitting in a rocking chair, smiled happily and showed a few small teeth on the row.

The most exaggerated is the last one, Anan is running all the way, excited to get a double chin, oh no, Not only the double chin, but also a round of meat and meat on the neck. Because the clothes are loose, the baby who is not skinny looks even fuller. In addition, the red rides on the top of the head do not look carefully. They think that it is a long-winded scorpion. It is inherently happy. Anan has fully inherited her father's excellent gene for comedy!

To be honest, Anan couldn't help but think of another Star II generation, Wang Weixin's daughter, Wang Weiyi. It feels like the children have a bit of a face! It is known that Wang Sister is not only full of fleshy but also taller than her peers. Obviously only two years old, but it is often misunderstood that someone is three years old, the whole Wang Yuxin is also very embarrassed.

The netizen saw Ann Ann and said with a smile that Zhang Zi’s legs were not as thick as the baby's.

Users also agree that An An looks too much like his daddy Chen Chi Chi Chi, it's just a red miniature! But it's still awesome!

Chen He always likes to poison late at night. He was also a handsome guy before, but because he ate no control, he became fatter later. However, the latest running man seems to have finally realized that he is in shape and he is losing weight. Slimming! I believe Anan Go after the baby fat, there will be slim day!