The beautiful and long legs of Kunling sun shines, and Jay Chou replied eight words to reveal love everywhere.

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The beautiful and long legs of Kunling sun shines, and Jay Chou replied eight words to reveal love everywhere.

2018-05-02 20:25:21 312 ℃

Jay Jay and Kun Ling are particularly affectionate couples in the entertainment industry. They often show love with the frame, especially sweet. On the afternoon of May 2, Kunling sung two photos in a personal social networking site. Wearing a stylish hat, a white long-sleeved thin shirt with blue slim jeans, a pair of long legs, let Kun Ling figure show, especially stylish and beautiful.

Kun Ling is sitting on a vintage wooden board with a white shirt with a blue cowboy and a small bag on his shoulder. A pair of big long legs with a look of 1.8 meters, wearing a pair of silver high heels, the whole person's dress is full of youth and vitality, but without losing the beautiful and temperament.

Furthermore, in another beauty photo sunk in Kunling, Kun Ling pocketed his hand and lowered his head. A particularly cool feeling, and a closer look at Kun Ling's bamboo poles, is higher than the silver lines around the wall, and the large legs are full, making it a model.

The Jay Chou who had a concert in Chengdu saw his wife Kun Ling sunbathing and always liked to occupy the first row. He also delicately loved, Jay Chou praised his wife and said: "I'll be better to shoot", but just 8 children reveal sweet warmth and love everywhere, scatter dog food, let fans envy Endlessly.

For his wife Kunling, Jay never regretted the words. Not long ago, Kunling sunk his face. Photo of Lily Collins, Jay Chou saw and commented: "You are more beautiful than her." It was a lover's eye and a dog.

Tonight Jay will open the strongest concert in Chengdu, taking advantage of his spare time to praise his wife. Show a kind of love, really enviable, many users have commented after saying: "beautiful, especially beautiful"; "You come to shoot should be filmed 150cm, ha ha"; "This film has 180cm, good-looking."

Kun Ling and Jay have been married for many years. The relationship between husband and wife has been very good. The two men and women now have one child and one daughter. The family of four is also very warm and happy. For the wife, Jay Chou is even more loved. It is sweet, happy, and enviable everywhere.