Dou Jing Tong Yu encounters Ma Tianyu's son.

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Dou Jing Tong Yu encounters Ma Tianyu's son.

2018-05-03 00:25:07 653 ℃

On May 1st, Dou Jingtong and the "Let's release my North Nose" Jackson Zhou Jiacheng airport encounter, and staged a high cold girl with baby. Remember. In the face of Zhou Jiacheng, who is not happy with her wrinkled face, Dou Jingtong changed his temperament and warmhearted sister, and Zhou Jiacheng ticked off his little finger, and immediately made MING WAS QUIET, which is a set of ~

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The little friends who have seen the show know that Zhou Jiacheng is the son of Ma Tianyu and Ma Tianyu is the fan of Faye Wong. Meng Hua is so calm about the daughter of a cognac idol.

Dou Jingtong, who has always been cold, has a heart that defies children. By the way, the skill of playing with the adorable baby is also mastered. The style of painting together is also cute. Dou Jingtong became more and more funny Zhou Jiacheng, the more unhappy the Xiao Mengwa was, the more he looked displeased.

While Zhou Jiacheng played with his mobile phone while Dou Jingtong Read carefully with a book. When Dou Jingtong wanted to interact, he was rejected by Zhou Jiacheng.

But in the end it was still awkward to take a photo with her sister. I did not expect two people There is still a tacit understanding, a cold and inexplicable is also a good match.