The fat Xie Na is still the original Xie Na, but Wu Yu is not the original

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The fat Xie Na is still the original Xie Na, but Wu Yu is not the original

2018-05-04 20:25:53 914 ℃

Wen / Xiaojie

If nothing else, this week's "Happy Camp" audience will be able to see Xie Na's presence. The program was recorded and broadcast. Xie Na appeared on the Hunan TV station recording program on April 23.

On the same day, He Wei made several microblogs to show concern, Wang Han took his wife Yang Lele to the scene, and there were several people with leadership appearances. Xie Na’s welcome party, though small in scale, was full of clout. Next to Wu Hao and Hai Tao, there is a bit of extravagance.

I believe many people are most concerned with the status of Xie Na.

From the preview given by the filmmakers: An impromptu break dance that went to the auditorium, hilariously teasing and chopping... We saw another familiar Xie Na. Just finished the month, Xie Na has not yet come and weight loss, or the original that is also a harmonious Xieya also Xie Na.

From February 1 When Mum was upgraded, she resumed recording "Happy Camp" on April 23. Shena's post-natal rest period was less than three months. However, if she counts on the absence of pregnancy, Xie Na has been away from the base camp for more than half a year.

Now, Xie Na’s strong return, standing in the C position, Wu Hao has automatically become a green leaf, small transparent. Everything doesn't seem to change, but does it really change?

The entertainment industry never lacks opportunities, not to mention people who can grasp the opportunities. Last year, Angelbaby, a permanent member of the men's group, was pregnant and had a baby. Dilijeba took the stick AB. In just a few months after the "Run It," Dili Seba topped it and became the hottest hit. idol.

and in Xie Na's pregnancy In half a year, Wu Hao did it againWhat is it?

Before and after Xie Na announced her pregnancy, Wu Hao made one of her most important decisions for herself: dismissing Hunan Satellite TV and continuing to participate in the recording of Happy Camp in a free-hosting manner.

For Hunan Satellite TV, Wu Hao's feelings should be complicated.

In 2006, 23-year-old Wu Hao was the runner-up of the Shiny New Anchor hosted by Hunan Satellite TV, and signed up for Hunan Satellite TV, becoming a member of Happy Base Camp (the first place was Du Haitao).

At that time Wu Hao was reiki.

Wu Yi, who can be selected from the 150,000 seas, is certainly not bad: She is an intellectual family, and after she finished high school in junior high school, she was also a child of others from small to big.

However, Wu Hao was young Outstanding prostitutes soon face setbacks. Standing on the side of the eagle, He Yan, and Feng Xie's close-up of Xie Na, Wu Hao, who had just started out, became a dispensable person in Happy Camp.

For a long time, she had to accept satire from netizens across the country. ,abuse. In Wu’s words, the first five years of her arrival at the Happy Camp was her “most self-confident five years in life”.

Think of it, that's more than five years? Today, Wu Hao is reliant on self-confidence, but on the stage of Happy Camp, she is just a happy greenery.

As a nationwide variety show, the stage of “Happy Camp” is big enough, and it is red enough. Even if it is just a green leaf, Wu Hao’s popularity is even greater than that of many provincial television stations.

As the saying goes, the tree moves to death and people move. Try to fastWu Hao, who came out of the music camp, slowly began to have his own style. At this time, the most well-known benefits began to show up.

Eith 2015, “Fast Forward” or “My New Clothes” in 2016, Wu Hao has provided a visible topic for the program – hot search.

The frequency of Wu Sui's arrival on the hot search, during the broadcast of the love show "We Love It" Reached the highest peak. All the topics related to "The Koala CP" seem to attract the attention of netizens.

Whether it is the affectionate singer in "Happy Camp" or the suspicions of Wu Hao and Pan Xiaobo that they are all over the air... ... One after another sprinkled dog food, many thought they were really together.

Facts have proved that Wu Hao contributed the best acting skills for this reality show.

Someone will ask: Is wave operation valuable? The facts have proved to us.

After the hit "We Love It", a small piece of speech on Wu Wei's microblog will be over-interpreted.

Wu Yan’s endorsement is also One by one, from cosmetics, women's shoes, to home textiles, weight loss products ... ... can be described as everything. Of course, it is also not surprising that Pan Xiaobai has turned red again from this scandal.


One year, Xie Na is fat, and Wu Yi is rich.

Of course, they are inseparable from the "Happy Camp." After all, where is there another program that can be broadcast for 20 years, but still it is still alive?