Tan Weiwei hand in hand to accompany Chen Yifei for hospitalization. It turned out they were two people.

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Tan Weiwei hand in hand to accompany Chen Yifei for hospitalization. It turned out they were two people.

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Today, some netizens have encountered Tan Weiwei and Chen Yifei in the hospital. Chen Yifei wears a mask on her corps. It should be a check during the hospital stay. Tan Weiwei is hand in hand with the escort and is very intimate.

Speaking of Chen Yifei, many netizens said they didn't know who he was. Chen Yifei is a Taiwanese actor who starred in the idol drama Green Forest in 2005. In 2010, its name "Chen Yufan" was renamed Chen Yifei. In 2012, she was known to the audience for participating in the romantic drama Loss of Love 33 Days. In 2015 starring urban emotional female inspirational drama "Hello Joan." He and Tan Weiwei's story begins with a television drama version of "Lost Love, 33 Days" because of his relationship with Tan Weiwei. In 2015, it acknowledged the romance with Tan Weiwei.

On the evening of September 1, 2016, Chen Yifei proposed the success of Tan Weiwei, witnessing them at an altitude of 5600 meters, and wrote: The altitude of 5600 meters can't stop true love. Congratulations to Chen Yifei on the proposal of Tan Weiwei's success. Always remember this place called Gang Renboqi, and remember your special love for each other. Blessings!” Chen Yifei proposed to Tan Weiwei in the Mount Kailash, Tibet Succeeded, Tan Weiwei excited tears, the two sweetly kissed.

Chen Yifei was three years older than Tan Weiwei. When he was interviewed by the reporter of the Huaxi Dushi Bao, he talked about the two. The story of love, also called Tan Weiwei activated the hidden music dream. In the early years when Chen Yifei was studying in the United States, he had spent a year as a singer in the PUB and had always had a dream as a singer.

The high emotional intelligence Chen Yifei didn't mind showing affection. He said: "What Tan Weiwei is most attracted to me is that she It’s Tan Weiwei. There’s only one in the world. There are so many qualities I like.. If you want to say something more practical, it is that she has a simple heart.

On December 29, 2017, Chen Yifei microblogging forwarded a small video of Tan Weiwei's "Hello Life Home." Thanks to Yang Xie for his encouragement, when they did not get married, the news broke. By January 31, 2018, he sent Weibo to thank Tan Weiwei for his elaborate birthday party and called Tan Weiwei his wife.

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On February 17 of the same year, fans said that they knew about Tan Weiwei and Chen Yifei, and Chen Yifei was Like the microblogging, the two may have married quietly, and on May 3, Chen Yifei expressed Tan Weiwei on her own Weibo, saying thank you for having her.

Tan Weiwei and Chen Yifei are also quite low-key. Recently, Chen Yifei wears sick clothes and masks. He does not know what kind of illness he has, but Tan Weiwei stays close to him. The two fighters did not leave their hands and were particularly in love. I hope Chen Yifei will recover soon.

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