Kunling then sunning holiday photos, Jay Chou's comment area seconds back to being rejected by his wife!

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Kunling then sunning holiday photos, Jay Chou's comment area seconds back to being rejected by his wife!

2018-05-11 00:25:23 632 ℃

In recent days, Jay Chou took his wife and children together for a holiday in Samui after a busy concert. The husband and wife of the two couples are sweet and happy. On May 10th, Kunming again sung a photo on a personal social networking site and wrote in a text: “I'm a person who likes to wear sunglasses especially.” In the photo, Kun Ling wears a dome-style hat and a pair of sunglasses. Hair is dropped shoulders, wearing a black sexy outfit, laughing is particularly sweet, the whole person is also very beautiful.

Kun Ling has just sung personal photos on the Internet, and Jay Chou's pet groom immediately favors and occupies the commentary area. The location replied: "I'm the first few," and after seeing her husband Jay Chou replied, Kun Ling looked suspiciously and abandoned Tucao: "You're still here with me." It's a naked show of love, not too sweet. dog.

Many netizens commented after saying: "Your husband is so cute"; "Please don't continue "Sau Yan Eun," etc., have been given sweet food by the Jay Chou and Kun Ling couples.

Kin Ling has not sunk in the personal space in recent days. Walking hand in hand on the seashore of Koh Samui, back to back together, blowing the sea breeze, watching the sunrise and sunset, and occasionally Jay Chou sings to Kunling again, it is particularly romantic to think about.

In addition, the Jay Chou and the Kunlings also took their daughter Xiao Zhou and Zhou to go on holiday together. The mother and daughter had the same frame, Xiao Zhou and Zhou Zizhe and the mother Kun Ling faced the sea. Enjoy the most original gift of nature, mother and daughter holding hands are also really warm and happy.

Since Queensland and Jay married,Like living a fairy-like life, to have a career, to have a marriage, to have children and one child, a family of four is very happy. Her husband Jay Chou is more interested in Kun Ling, always concerned about its dynamic, but also often in the comments area show love, crazy spread of dog food, really envy people. Today, when the Kunming tanned the sun again, Jay Chou replied the first time. Don't be too sweet.