Congratulations! Yu Wenle loved her son after 5 months of marriage. Her baby's mouth and small hands made her adorable!

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Congratulations! Yu Wenle loved her son after 5 months of marriage. Her baby's mouth and small hands made her adorable!

2018-05-11 00:25:24 839 ℃

I felt that Shawn was not married long before the child came to report it!

On the evening of May 10th, Shawn shared a picture of the baby and greeted the fans with his son's tone: Hello, everyone. My name is Cody Yue. Shi Wenle, who was the father of the father, said: When Dad sees you out today, it's really indescribable happiness. Thank you and your mother for their peace. Thank you to my wife. Mom is really great!

Other stars are all photos of a family of three hands or feet. Shawn Yue is very generous and directly gives the baby's Half front view. The little prince was already wrapped up in the hustle and seemed to be sleeping quietly. His right hand was holding his cheek and his index finger was on his cheek. He was really cute.

Because it just came out of the amniotic fluid, the baby's skin was wrinkled, but it was still quite fragile. How could a newborn baby not have baby fat? Baby's cherry mouth slightly open, quiet and beautiful.

Three days ago, Shawn's wife was photographed and bought a cake at the cake shop. It is said that Wang Yuyun is very pregnant and very serious, her vomiting is severe, and she is not suited to her. Her husband Yu Wenle always hopes that she can spend more time with her, and even has the idea of ​​stopping work with her wife after birth.

It is reported that Wang Yunyun is today Accompanied by Yu Wenle, he came to a son of a private hospital in Hong Kong under the caesarean section. Yu Wenle witnessed the process of his wife's production, so he could better understand his wife's difficulties. So a microblog has said many words of thanks and praise to his wife. Unexpectedly, Wang Yunyun could live the first Mother's Day of his life so quickly.

Yu Wenle and Wang Xiaoyun began associating with the end of 2016 and held a wedding ceremony on December 5, 2017. 5 of 2018 On the 10th, the treasureBao was born, so this means that Yu Wenle and Wang Qiyun are indeed married. In fact, Yu Wenle had already received an interview on this point. He said that the order doesn't mean anything, enough to like it. Basically it is the default.

However, when Wang Yuyun said that she had been married for five months, she couldn't see it!

Wang Qianyun said before she gave birth, Shawn Yue said that she wanted her daughter: because she would prefer pets, she feared that she would not want to work. Because I often want to go home. The implication is that Yu Wenle now does not have to worry about whether she will not want to work. It is because she is not a daughter. I do not know whether such understanding is appropriate. Haha!

Dynamics have just started, and Shawn Yu has harvested the blessings of fans.

There are also netizens humorously saying: Peng Yuxi and I should seize. Speaking of Zhou Zhou, I almost believed.

Friends Xiong Qiqi, Chen Jianzhou, and Shu Qi also congratulated everyone on their way!

In the end, blessing Wuli Xiao Lian can grow healthily, peacefully and carefreely. Wang Yunyun also remembers taking a rest and blessing the happiest man Yu Wenle and enjoy every minute and every second of the moment.