Faye Wong daughter Dou Jing Tong appeared in London, praised more and more cool and more handsome

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Faye Wong daughter Dou Jing Tong appeared in London, praised more and more cool and more handsome

2018-05-24 08:45:39 569 ℃

Faye Wong daughter Dou Jing Tong appeared in London, praised more and more cool and more handsome

Today, a group of Faye Wong and Dou Wei’s daughter Dou Jingtong appeared on the street in London and had a Sina hot search. In the photo, Dou Jing Tong has a handsome dress, sneakers, black pants, a white suit, short hair, a large sunglasses, and he is constantly eating cigarettes. From time to time, he is full of spit....

< p> To see such Dou Jing Tong, many fans praised handsome, too man, too personal.

There are netizens comparing it with Jackie Chan's daughter, Wu Zhuo-lin, and think that the two are more and more like.

During the streets of London, Dou Jingtong is obviously not alone, but with several friends. During this period, there were male friends who helped Dou Jingtong to light cigarettes. Dou Jingtong’s state of smoking is also handsome, especially when it's time to smoke. It is not difficult to see that Dou Jingtong is an old smoker. The smoking posture, the status, and the vomiting are all very professional. It seems that there is no less real biography of Fa Fa Faye Wong.

Dou Jingtong's dress is also very personal. In some fans' words, it is cool.

In particular, the short hair behind the small one, full of personality, vain publicity, is indeed the baby daughter of Faye Wong.

It is reported that this time Dou Jing Tong appeared in London, England, apparently not to eat, drink, and play. Dou Jingtong held a small concert in London. Honestly, on this point, Jackie Chan's daughter, Wu Zhuo-lin, is incomparable.

Since last year, Dou Jingtong has frequently appeared in domestic music festivals and performed very well. Moreover, fans and fans are also buying it. Earlier this year, Dou Jingtong appeared in various domestic music festivals. Not only did the former father Li Yapeng bring his half-sister Li Yu to join the scene, even the first-line actress Zhou Xun also went to the scene to cheer for Dou Jingtong. Although the site is very cold, Zhou Xun and Li Yapeng are all very supportive.Dou Jing Tong.

This time, Dou Jingtong opened the concert to London. Although it was only a small concert, as a young girl in her early 20s, this performance was already good. From this perspective, Dou Jingtong’s performance is worthy of recognition.

However, many people on the Internet do not like it because they are usually dressed up, they are too neutral and they are too personal. Dou Jing Tong. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. As Guo Degang said: There is no star, an artist, or an art that can make everyone like it.

Dou Jingtong is like this, like her fans like her very much like it. Do not like it often open a variety of fancy Tucao.

Actually, as the daughter of Tianhou Faye Wong, Dou Jingtong is not old, but is self-supporting and self-reliant. He is able to show off his skills at various festivals. This is amazing. To think about it, how many star generations such as Dou Jingjing have grown up in the shed under the protection of their parents.

Dao Jingtong is not the case. Perhaps this is related to her family experience.

When Dou Jingtong was young, Dou Wei and Faye Wong divorced. However, divorce did not hinder the healthy growth of Dou Jing Tong, but also created Dou Jingtong's independence and self-reliance. In addition, she has a neutral personality that allows her to be more mature than her peers when dealing with others. One of the most basic manifestations of this kind of maturity is that Dou Jingtong has a good relationship with his two half-sisters and half-sisters. The relationship with the pro-father, the step-father, and the current step-father are also very harmonious. This has to admire Faye Wong's education and influence on children.