Yan Ying exposes her to a child with Hu Bing. Hu Bing said that she is 47 years old.

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Yan Ying exposes her to a child with Hu Bing. Hu Bing said that she is 47 years old.

2018-06-08 00:25:05 496 ℃

Is there a real normal male and female friend relationship in the performing arts? This may be a problem that will always make the net friendlier. When you see Qu Ying and Hu Bing as friends, you may still believe that they have pure friendship.

In recent days, the two have joined together to show up on the variety show "Every Day," and "confessed to the couple" Hu Bing and Zhai Ying once again framed the event and caused the audience to have full memories. And expectation, the two also talked about the past past events in the program.

When they played the TV series "True Confessions", they became a national partner. The configuration of the handsome man and woman was very CP sensation. They had been kept since then. Friendship can be said to be a realistic version of Li Daren and Cheng Youqing.

During the day, the brothers of the day represented a large audience and asked two people once, "Why not? together". Ying Ying replied: “He (Hu Bing) is a person who is especially suitable for husbands, but also cooks. I used to be in love when I was young. He always reminds him to “carefully””.

Hu Bing also broke the news. He himself once confessed to Ying Ying on the plane: "It's not that we both get along alone. It's more formal if there are others next to us." We are now in a family-like relationship, but with some regrets I still have to say it. I have loved you for many years."

Yong Ying also said One agreement between himself and Hu Bing was to arrive at a certain age. If neither of them got married, they would discuss having a baby. When Hu Bing listened to this statement, he clearly did not remember it at all. He asked when he was a few years old.

Da Zhangwei answered: "It's usually aboutThe 40-year-old, 45-year-old look," Hu Bing talked a bit worried: "We are now 47 years old," Ying Ying listened to Hu Bing's words and said on the spot: "Can you say it is not so practical?" It's only true friends who make jokes.