Huang Lei took apricot with her little daughter, and her sister was well dressed, and the earring necklace was a series!

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Huang Lei took apricot with her little daughter, and her sister was well dressed, and the earring necklace was a series!

2018-06-08 00:25:14 277 ℃

Enjoying the pastoral life with the family is really a happy and happy thing. Huang Lei, who has always enjoyed her life, has set off with her daughter. On the afternoon of June 7th, Huang Lei went out of the six-square grid and said: Going to the friend's house for picking the apricot tree, Huang Xiaochu went home to make a big jar of apricot jam. I was sweet and sour!

This apricot tree grows too well! The leafy branches and apricots are still next to each other, and they are almost drooling.

The netizens have left a message to guess whether Huang Lei's friend is Huang Shu. Because Huang Biao had just dried out of the family's apricot tree on the 27th of last month, and said "apricot tree harvest." However, Huang Lei did not respond to this. However, some netizens said that it should not be Huang’s home, because Huang’s home’s apricot tree grows next to the concrete floor and Huang Lei’s apricot tree grows on the grass.

Such a good thing, saying nothing can drop the snacks at home, Mr. Huang Shaoai, ah! Hairstyles have always been a lot of casual younger sister actually took such a beautiful new hairstyle, but also wore a white red dot skirt, exposing the United States back, full of oh! This small back is really a beautiful landscape in this hot summer day, which is pleasing to the eye! Across the screen want to steal my sister to go home to play with them. But what did the younger man carry about Kyoko?

The happiest thing is that people are nervously in the college entrance examination, and I eat apricots in the United States and the United States! Didn't even the kindergarten go to the younger sister to eat delicious food? It's so happy!

The “Sweet and sour is me” sentence of Teacher Huang is probably a pun. It both shows the taste of apricot and is like describing our sweet sister. A few of Liu's sister's bangs were blown to the side by the wind, hunkered down and looked at the slightly frowned brow to know that it wasn't sweet, and the little expression that was put into it was also very cute. My sister is not only dressed brightly, but even the earrings and necklaces are a series. I do not know if my sister’s friends think of their own family's prostitutes.Small love it!

Huang Lei is also a professional chef. Recently, he has repeatedly shared with everyone the various dishes he has made, and he looks coveted. Netizens have cast their envious eyes and hope that they also have a father who can cook. Of course, if we also have good cooking skills, it is also a good thing!

This time, Huang Lei plucked many of the apricots into sauces to lure fans. It was a good man at home. A lot of afternoons came from school. Really have a good taste!

First come to the brain to make up a beautiful picture of apricot!

Of course, my sister should eat more food, or where it is worthy of the reputation of “snack goods”!