Liu Jialing wears a see-through show, and the netizen calls: really shouldn't!

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Liu Jialing wears a see-through show, and the netizen calls: really shouldn't!

2018-08-03 10:25:13 452 ℃

There are many people who have been mixed in the entertainment industry for many years, but like Liu Jialing, who are regarded as true predecessors by the young people and respected them, it is not necessarily that everyone in the circle can do it.

It is reasonable to say that Liu Jialing is the real entertainment fan model. I have to say that she is still very prestigious in this circle. At the events, the young and young actors are respectful to her.

Recently, Carina Lau went to an event. In the lounge of the event, there was a picture of a group of people holding Carina Lau, except for the staff. In addition, other people, regardless of the male star actress, have followed Liu Jialing, afraid to block her shot and no one walked in front of her.

This kind of Carina Lau, let alone, is really a big sister big head, hahaha gas field is simply not covered.

But then, Carina Lau is also very daring to wear, although the recent body seems to be a bit richer than before, but she is not afraid at all, actually wear A sling openwork skirt, the perspective effect makes people look a little shy~

Even the "Queen" rushed to the camera and greeted it. I can't see her feeling of a little bit of dew.

So, it’s no wonder that to say that the female star’s gas field is going to take Liu Jialing out to be a model, it makes sense!

It’s just that some netizens don’t seem to buy it. I even said that Liu Jialing is too old, so I shouldn't wear it like this...

It’s not really wide.

If you remember correctly, Carina Lau is always a bold type of dressing. What age is not old, she has never been afraid, in addition to this hollow perspective skirt, before wearing a low-cut skirt show career line, it is not without,

And it’s still a five-time show. Whatever his views, Carina Lau is not caring.

In the first two months, Carina Lau is still confidently challenging the deep V, a little suit with a suit version, with the foreign gas Another bit of Hong Kong-style short volume, the state is simply young!

Speaking of Carina Lau, many people may be curious that she is still so good for fifty years, saying that she has nothing to do with her confidence in the sun, who believes? .

It is also because of the confidence of the sun, she dared to pick up the role of Gu Manyu in the "Half-Life", and give Jiang Xin a sister instead of being mixed in various mother-in-law dramas. Mom gave the wife a mother.

So, what is said to be "older" is a ghost, only confident enough, and self-confidence naturally gives you a different kind of light.