Lin Yijia's Dafang son's frontal photo, the newly produced wife Ding Wenqi is too beautiful!

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Lin Yijia's Dafang son's frontal photo, the newly produced wife Ding Wenqi is too beautiful!

2018-08-04 00:25:23 195 ℃

In memory, Lin Yijia is a melancholy little prince. In his songs, regardless of the scale or the rhythm, there is always a faint sorrow. "From your world," "Cruel Moonlight" is nothing like this. . In recent years, I have been listening to his new songs. I always feel that the little boy who is a little shy and restrained has not changed. As a result, today, on August 3, I learned that the little boy of the past had a boy!

The dynamic content is very simple, the first photo of a family of three, a long time a new father's testimony.

The baby in the photo is sleeping in the mother's arms. Although Ding Wenqi just finished delivery, her face is a little pale (although the whole black and white photo is pale), but it is difficult to hide her beauty! It is hard to imagine that a woman who has just given birth to a child can actually look so good, and has a motherhood more than the photos of the past. This looks a bit like Ma Sichun.

As for Lin Biaojia who is accompanying his wife and children, he has already added a "father" status. Knowing that Lin Biaojia was his father's boat, when he first saw him, he felt that the little boy had become an uncle without knowing it!

Lin Yijia is also a creative singer. After learning the good news, he immediately wrote a poetic "winning testimonial". From the time of pregnancy to the waiting outside the delivery room, from seeing the child to thanking, there are some details. For example, "I greeted his birth with both hands; when I first heard him crying to the world, the exhausted wife also cried, I feel that time has become slow, every scene is like a book page by page. Turn "...

In addition, Lin Yijia said, "In the hot summer of July, thank you for coming to our lives", so the baby should be Those born last month only came to the news in August.

The fans are also happy and broke the joke. "The therapist took him from my hands and wiped the body. One by one clearly and loudly counted his fingers and toes to us: "1, 2, 3, 4, 5"" Some netizens said: Counting to six or a few to four stops, that is God made.


Lin Yijia felt that time passed slowly, but Zhouzhou was the opposite. When he said that the marriage proposal was successful, Zhou Zhou’s memory still stayed, the shy boy who sang in the fast book. Now, there are children.

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From May 2014, the relationship between the two was officially opened. In 2016, Lin Yijia proposed to Ding Wenqi, then to the next year, the license office, and the last 2018 August. On the 3rd, there was a new member. Four years of wind and rain came, and finally became a "positive fruit", named after the cool ratio, the meaning is not guessing, waiting for Lin Yujia's interpretation!

The moment I heard the cry, Lin Yijia was an ordinary father, just like he self-interpreted: I couldn’t help but think "as long as you are with most other children." "Thank you, God, mother and son are safe. Ordinary is really a kind of hard-won lucky, this is the first lesson I became a father.

Everyone The congratulations are like tides, and the most is the blessing of new life: the little guy should grow up healthily and protect his parents!