Dong Hao got out of the storm and got better? Take a cool photo on the Australian coast, like a fairy

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Dong Hao got out of the storm and got better? Take a cool photo on the Australian coast, like a fairy

2018-08-04 20:25:06 231 ℃

Gao Yunxiang has been in the Australian sexual assault for several months and is still still in the process of trial, and Dong Wei is in support of himself. The husband, the family, moved to Australia with the elderly and children. Since the passports have been handed in, their family can only live in Australia now. Recently, online exposure of a group of Dong Wei's latest photo, Dong Jing, who has experienced many storms, is still beautiful.

On the 3rd, Dong Wei’s studio posted a set of photos on the Internet. The photo of Dong Wei was wearing blue yarn. Skirt, showcasing elegance and posture at the seaside, like a fairy. Weibo also has a text "The breeze and the clouds are fixed. The fresh blue in the summer of August is our true fairy." For the netizens who are in the midst of the summer heat, it is really cool to see such a group of seaside fresh beauty. Dong Weixiu hair and shoulders, the skirts danced in the sea breeze, the picture is very eye-catching.

Australia should be in the winter, the photo is taken at the beach, and Dong Hao is so light and honest. It is. As the first shot after the storm, Dong Wei’s status is still very good. The figure is still slim and the face is delicate. The fans have said that “the fairy has been missing for a long time, and she misses it.” “We are going crazy, thank you fairy goddess. , bringing us the coolness of summer."

Before going to Australia, Dong Wei opened a parent-child restaurant in Beijing, although she is now in Australia, but she Still on Weibo to vigorously promote their own stores, but also very patiently responded to the comments of netizens, the restaurant is very heart. At present, the case of Gao Yunxiang is still unclear. Dong Wei has propped up the whole family in times of crisis. Now he is still working hard for his livelihood. No wonder the netizens have been distressed by Dong Hao.

Before Dong Wei has spent tens of millions on the lawsuit, online rumors that Dong Hao is now tight, the couple are in the circle My friends also often go to Dongpu’s parent-child restaurant to play and consume, in order to show their support for Dong Wei.