Mei Ting's sun show is happy, wearing a swimsuit and beauty, and holding a baby in one hand

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Mei Ting's sun show is happy, wearing a swimsuit and beauty, and holding a baby in one hand

2018-08-05 10:25:31 211 ℃

Meeting and her husband Zeng Jian have been very low-key. For the complicated entertainment circle, the couple really have little news, let alone the scandal. Despite this low-key, the happiness of a family of four is still very eye-catching.

On the night of August 4th, Mei Ting shared a group of photos on the Weibo with a pair of children playing on the beach. Although her husband Zeng Jian did not appear, Mei Ting and her children are warm. The picture of love is definitely from the hands of her husband.

In the photo, Mei Ting wears a sunhat, sunglasses cover the face, wearing a swimsuit and a small show, the career line, No matter what the appearance or temperament can not see is the mother of two children. Mei Ting, born in 1975, is 43 years old, but you can't see her age in the state of the photo. Of course, the conditions of natural beauty are only one aspect, you can shoot such a beautiful picture, you have to have a photographer husband. I have to say that Mei Ting from the perspective of her husband is really beautiful, generous and sexy.

In addition to appearance and temperament In addition, Mei Ting's body is absolutely convincing. The thin legs of the hand are thin, and there is no trace of flesh on the waist. For her age, it can be described as perfect, and even some of the popular little flowers in the circle can be compared.

Under the husband’s lens, Mei Ting also holds a baby’s big show in her hand, and easily lifts her children completely. It’s hard work, and my mother’s power is bursting. It is worth mentioning that the daughter's quick appearance is really a perfect inheritance of the mother, the mother and the daughter are simply a model carved out.

Meeting and her husband Very low-key, but quite happy. Nowadays, the couple who have made up the word "good" with both children and children, from time to time, have a family of four happy travel, so comfortable life is also very enviable.

son Yang Yang in the water Happy running, Mei Ting looked at him silently behind him, her husband Zeng Jian used the lens to record the happy moments of the children, it is really super happy. Looking at the pictures of the two brothers and sisters playing happily, and then realizing their growth in carefree, it is another kind of satisfaction and happiness for Mei Ting and her husband.

Now Mei Ting and Zeng The sword has been married for nearly 6 years. With the arrival of a pair of children, the feelings are more stable, and a family of four low-key happiness is also a good person. Netizen's message: "It's a happy appearance~" "More and more beautiful is the kind of mature, elegant and confident beauty." "Good, I want to show my boyfriend~ I have to look good when I look good."