Kunling's body is simply too thin! INS updated the blog post, Jayen followed: 唉唷 good

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Kunling's body is simply too thin! INS updated the blog post, Jayen followed: 唉唷 good

2018-08-05 10:25:32 145 ℃

The body of Kunling is too thin! INS updated the blog post, Jayen followed and sipped: Oh, good!

Often seeing Kunling and Jay Chou's big brother INS show love, that kind of sweetness is beyond the imagination of everyone, the two are just like the new men and women who just fell in love, love is always, Dog food is always sudden, as if everyone can feel the taste of dog food in Kunling and Jay Chou. If you are not looking for a pair of love show in the entertainment circle, you can only say that Kunling Jay is none other than!

Although there are still many gaps between Kunling and Jay Chou, they are growing from a young age. People in the city, the two people often can still get the dialogue, there is no difference between high and low. If one is a rural one and Chengcheng has such an age gap, there may be no direct communication. I don’t know if there are friends or circle sisters who think so.

Before I always loved to see Deng Chao, Sun Wei, Li Chengzhen, Rose and other couples as the sweetest lovers in the entertainment circle. From love to marriage, it has always been sweet, but after knowing the couples of Kunling and Jay Chou, it is the most loved and entertaining in the entertainment industry, especially the couple who loved the dog food from time to time.

It seems that there is no problem at all in terms of emotional age. It is better to have dialogue. In the entertainment circle, Kunling and Jay Chou are in fact very good in addition to their age. The beauty of Kunling is not to be said. It is well-known in the whole entertainment circle. And Jay Chou is famous for his talents. After 70 to 00, he talked about Jay Chou, but no one knows no one. Can't forget: "Quickly use the nunchaku, hip-hop." An unforgettable memory of many friends.

On the evening of August 4, Kunling made a photo of himself on his personal social platform. The figure is simply the appearance of many girls' dreams. The skinny body is well-proportioned and fashionable. Kunling's thinness is different from some girls. You don't really want to see a lot of girls on the street. They are as thin as grass, and the wind blows down and the legs are thick and thick. Mainly not coordinated. Still proud of the attitude, the buttocks thought that it was called the figure, after seeing the body of Kunling, you know what the body is, the most important thing is to coordinate up and down.

Quin Ling in personal social After updating the blog post on the platform INS, this photo is too enviable, especially for girls. After all, girls don’t want anything, the most wanted is a good figure. On the evening of the 4th, Kunling had a photo of his skinny body. Many netizens said that the figure was too thin. No matter how good or bad your body is, the most important thing is to attract your husband. It is good for your husband to say good.

After Kunling has a good body, Jay Chou will also sip along with Kunming’s blog. Kunling's body looks like our big brother Jay Chou is still very satisfied, Jay Chou shouted: "Oh, good."

To say that the loving couple in the entertainment circle can only say that Kunling and Jay Chou are the first, and who is the second? I really can’t say it. What do you think are the stars in the entertainment industry who love to show love?