Zhang Zhilin took his wife to enjoy the fireworks. Netizen: Yuan Yanyi’s eyes are a little scary!

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Zhang Zhilin took his wife to enjoy the fireworks. Netizen: Yuan Yanyi’s eyes are a little scary!

2018-08-06 10:25:03 141 ℃
Two days in three days, Zhang Zhilin saw the rainbow in his own sea view mansion. It was not enough. In the past two days, he also announced that he would go out with his wife Yuan Yuyi to travel. The magic boy was tragically locked at home to write summer homework, skateboarding alone? ? ?

Wow, it’s really a romantic two-person world, Zhang Zhilin Watching the fireworks together with Yuan Yuyi in the middle of the night. Although Zhang Zhilin clearly wrote very beautiful fireworks, the photos can be clearly divided into two.

The husband and wife are in love, and Zhang Zhilin’s dog food is a bit diligent. No matter what happened, many netizens still support the king, and they are beautiful and beautiful. There is another half around, even if it is pure, it doesn't matter if you take photos without beauty.

There are also netizens who have caught the details and they are surprised to find that Zhang Zhilin’s eyes were corrected for surgery half a month ago. Basically, I can't see the traces and I am getting better.

It is Yuan Yiyi’s eyes that don’t know what’s going on, but it’s a bit scary, it’s all about temperament. Yuan Yuyi is also a 47-year-old person. It can't stop this eye from having a long eye pattern. It seems to be much more obvious than Zhang Zhilin. Even a little puffy, staying up late to see fireworks? It’s really distressing.

Based on the clues of fireworks, many people speculate Zhang Zhilin They should go to Japan. Recently, the summer fireworks exhibition in Japan has attracted many people to visit. Fireworks in cities like Aomori, Kobe and Tokyo will bloom this month. The latter is a tourist who looks at the mirror and hints that it is summer.

However, before Yuan Yiyi’s own Weibo, the two words of Spring Tour were suspicious (not likely to be in the Southern Hemisphere, now Winter.) It is estimated that Yuan Yuyi wants to express her outing with her husband. It has the feeling of a spring tour when she is a child.

emmmm, anyway, the two are happy, want to swear, A young mind is more important than covering all kinds of lines.