Wu Tongmei’s Tanabata family photo, but there is no repair! He said jealously three words

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Wu Tongmei’s Tanabata family photo, but there is no repair! He said jealously three words

2018-08-18 10:25:15 230 ℃

Jia Jingwen has not only appeared as an actor in front of the audience in recent years, but more as a good mother and a good wife. Jia Jingwen is now the mother of three children, 咘咘, Bo Niu and Wu Tongmei. The three children brought her and the family a full warmth, and her career is also booming.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day Valentine's Day, 13-year-old Jia Jingwen's eldest daughter, Wu Tongmei, following the wind on the social platform to bless everyone lover Happy Day: "I only have family members without the other half", and with a family photo, in a self-portrait photo of a mother and daughter, Jia Jingwen is still so young, I really can't see the three treasures that were born to her. The three daughters are taller than one, and in the future they are the goddess like Jia Jingwen.


But the eyes of the netizen found the photo of Wutongmei One less person: Xiu Jie. And Xiu Jie also appeared in the message and said three words: "Ahler?" Just three words full of jealousy amused a lot of netizens, and Wu Tongmei also rushed to reply and explained: "Hey, haha, I forgot to put The photo, do you want me to put it?" Also attached a screaming expression.

After about 3 hours, Wu Tongmei once again posted a message on the social platform. "Well... yes, forgot to spare Uncle, haha! Once again, I wish you all a happy Valentine's Day." At the same time, I changed a photo. This time, only she and Jia Jingwen and Xiujie are three people. It is a compensation for forgetting the repair of Jie Jie. It is just a name for Shu Jie. I was a little surprised. I haven’t changed my name to Xiu Jie’s father for so many years, causing hot comments from netizens.